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Meet the Haven Collective Coaching Team

As the Haven Community has expanded over the years, so too has its needs. The questions that members posed required answers from experts. While Mel + Danielle have been able to support the community through business and marketing coaching, some of the things that business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs need support with go beyond that scope. So, they went out in pursuit of the best coaching team for this incredible community, and let’s just say…they nailed it with these four additional experts.



Meet the Haven Collective Coaching Team:

  • Melissa Wick helps you legally create, grow, and protect the business of your dreams.
  • Sierra Thomas provides financial support solutions, so you confidently know your numbers.
  • Tobias Roediger helps business owners navigate the latest in digital marketing and advertising.
  • Varsey Laurelle guides entrepreneurs to new levels as leaders and executives.
  • Melissa Blackburn advises small business owners on strategy and execution.
  • Danielle Lim works with you to develop and maintain a strong branding strategy.


Private coaching sessions for Haven Collective members are included at all levels of membership from Community, to Coworking, to Officeholders. Members choose which coach to meet with based on what’s keeping them up at night, and they click that coach’s calendar to get on their schedule. They get one 30-minute session each month for a total of 12 sessions each calendar year. Each month they can tap into the expertise of the coach they’d like without being locked into just one person. Ready to join the Haven Collective community and gain access to coaches today? Sign up here.


Not sure if this is the right coaching team for you? Find out how to select the right coach for you by reading this post.


Throughout the year, individual blogs about each coach will be posted, social media posts will be shared, and tips from each coach will be distributed. Make sure to stay in the loop by signing up for the Haven newsletter below.

Melissa Wick, Owner, Wick Law Offices LLC
Sierra Thomas, Owner, Touche Financial Solutions
Tobias Roediger, Owner, RAVE
Varsey Laurelle, Executive Leadership Coach
Melissa Blackburn, Co-Creator & CEO, Haven Collective
Danielle Lim, Co-Creator & CMO, Haven Collective

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