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Varsey Laurelle: Consultant, Coach, Facilitator

Varsey Laurelle headshot with green shirt and smile
Varsey Laurelle

Varsey Laurelle provides consulting, facilitation, and coaching services in her organizational development consulting firm Varsey Laurelle, LLC. For anyone ready to prosper personally and professionally, Varsey uses her Mindful Leadership approach to empower her clients through leadership coaching and workshops to help them thrive. Similarly, she also works with organizations that are ready to cultivate a culture that is welcoming, engaging, and inclusive.  

How it all started

Varsey’s love of creating and facilitating come together with her gift of connection in the work she does in her firm. People often ask how you discover what you’re passionate about and, for Varsey, she started facilitating for HandsOn Broward, a non-profit organization in Ft Lauderdale, FL around 2009. They had a grant for teaching underserved youth IT skills so they could obtain their CompTIA A+ Certification, and it was love at first lesson. She’s been training and facilitating ever since. And as for her gift, she had this to say, “I was given a childhood that provided me with many diverse situations and experiences which has allowed me to connect with people from various walks of life. I use this skill every day as I move about life, but especially when I’m consulting, facilitating, and coaching.” 

Last year, Varsey treated herself to a birthday trip that changed the course of her career. “I took a trip to S. Texas where I stayed in a tiny house off the grid for 4 days with no distractions; I painted, wrote, read, meditated, and really had a chance to hold space for answering big reflective questions. One of those questions was, “What do I require to operate as my highest self?” My list included deep connection, trust, compensation at my worth, and flexibility. When I got back to my then corporate job, I was challenged on a few of these new found requirements and so I said “no” to then and “yes” to me; that lead to me leaving the company that I loved and had been with for 5 years to start Varsey Laurelle, LLC. I decided to start my own consulting firm because as I looked at my requirements and the job market, I was more confident in my ability to create my vision vs finding a space in someone else’s vision.”

It’s no wonder that Varsey’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to believe in the vision in your mind. She knows firsthand that the vision in your mind, taking up space, is there for a reason. So, manifest it. Start by asking yourself, “What do I need to do now to catch up to my goal of___________?”.  

Future plans

Varsey’s biggest hope for her life is that she leaves her mark on the world and leaves it better than when she met it. She does that through her firm, but also through her creative hobbies and family. Varsey says, “I love making things out of something – painting, puzzles, decorating my home, styling myself for a night out – all of it! I’m also passionate about child-rearing. I have two little humans and it’s my responsibility to get them world-ready and make them good citizens of this world – AND I also enjoy them. Having a random snow day is no longer stressful – having my own business always me the FREEDOM to shift and enjoy them and be present so they can enjoy me.”

To connect with Varsey, check out her website to see her full list of consulting, facilitation, and workshop offerings (everything from DE&I, EQ, to Professional Development and many things in between). You can also connect with Varsey on LinkedIn or by coworking with her at Haven Collective.

Haven members can meet one-on-one with Varsey for leadership coaching as one of the support services Haven Collective provides. Learn more here.

Do what works for you and know that can change moment by moment and day by day. I have office space at my house and my kids are at school during my work hours, so one might think I wouldn’t need a coworking space, BUT I utilize Haven Collective when I need connection OR when I need to limit distractions. I started to tell myself that I don't need a coworking space because it SEEMS like I have everything I need at home - but that might not be the case if you take the limits off and open your mind. Do what is right for your business regardless of what it "seems like" or "looks like". Flexibility is key for me and being a members of Haven Collective gives me options. Options = FREEDOM!

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