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Melissa Wick: Wick Law Offices

Melissa Wick, Owner, Wick Law Offices LLC

There are dozens of incredible reasons why entrepreneurs start their own businesses. Wick Law was born from Melissa Wick’s desire to grow and evolve. Working for another law firm wasn’t jiving for her anymore, so she challenged herself to go out on her own, and she’s not looking back.

On a mission to help people, Melissa did what many recent law school grads do, she took a position in a poverty clinic where she helped survivors of domestic abuse stay protected and leave their abusers. Eventually, the legal work itself became monotonous so she turned elsewhere to push herself to learn something new. Melissa began working for a boutique firm where she was tackling more complex cases and gaining a lot of litigation experience. Unfortunately, the help she was providing to wealthy divorcing clients left her empty at the end of the day. It was time to transition again.

Melissa found the courage to start her own firm to support the clients that excite her most; other entrepreneurs and small businesses like her own. She chose to focus on “clients who are focused on creating amazing futures for themselves.” 

As many an entrepreneur discovers along the way, the road to success is not linear nor easy. She said,”It was sink-or-swim and I sank quite a bit but usually pulled through in unexpected eye-opening ways. So, it was through failing in my own business and then succeeding in unexpected and unpredictable ways (and not giving up) that I have become a really sharp, really passionate lawyer and life coach.  First-generation small business owners are MY people and I love them, I want nothing more than to spend my days helping other brave souls find success by providing fantastic legal services and teaching the mindset tools I rely on heavily in my own day-to-day.”

Wick Law Office’s mission is to empower and protect business owners with legal services and mindset coaching that will keep you untouchable and make you unstoppable. They help startups with business setup and create a foundation for smooth day-to-day operations. As clients grow, Wick Law expands services to protect them in various ways including copyright and trademark registrations and disputes.  They can help with hiring, contract drafting, negotiation, buying and selling business assets, taking on investors, and securing funding.  And, when you’re really ready to go big, Melissa says, “We love helping you develop strategic partnerships with other businesses or helping you create a customized give-back program that will make an amazing impact and help you LEVEL UP!”  She loves litigation but does promise to try to keep you out of the dreaded courtroom at all costs. 

There is one aspect of Wick Law that sets it far and away from its competitors. Every step of the way, they provide the coaching and thought work tools you need to keep growing and expanding in wild new ways. Coaching is offered 1:1 or in a group setting through a mindset course called Full Send, which is offered 4 times per year. For a taste of her coaching style, check out her Send It Sunday podcast.

Since starting her own practice, Melissa feels free. She has complete control of her schedule and how she spends her time, but more importantly, she can do things the way she wants to do them with the freedom to create the exact business of her dreams. She hopes that the coaching aspect of Wick Law becomes an integral part because she sees how important the two disciplines are for producing the best results for her clients. That’s why she’s currently spending a ton of her free time working to create a mindset coaching course (Full Send) that she knows will transform people’s lives one day.

And that mindset piece is so important for entrepreneurs. Melissa has some advice in that vein, “You have no idea what will happen, so you might as well believe the future of your business is GREAT – exactly the way you want it to be – and go from there each day holding that belief.  Most of the things we worry about never happen anyway.” And remember, “You can choose to think about your business in ways that serve you, and this is always important because your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings are what drive your actions and your actions create the results you see. Choose your thoughts intentionally!”

When Melissa isn’t in the office, you can probably catch her on a bike. She’s an avid cyclist, riding extreme cycling events that take months and months to train for. Her last one was a 200 mile in one day slog through remote Kansas on gravel and dirt roads. She also races and rides her mountain bike, which is her third true love. (Her 1st and 2nd loves being her wife and son).

Connect with Melissa Wick online, through social media, or listen to her podcast. Melissa has also joined the Haven Collective coaching team where members get a 30-minute session with a coach of their choosing each month. Learn more about Haven member benefits.There 

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