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Measure What Matters: How to Increase Sales with Calls to Action

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In previous Measure What Matters posts, we’ve shared social media goals in coordination with the metrics that help measure those goals: awareness of your brand within your target audience, engagement of how your audience interacts with you, conversion of your audience into paying customers, and consumer satisfaction influencing others to spread the word about your business. Today, let’s explore ways to guide and transition your audience through each phase with the effective tactic of Calls to Action (CTAs).

As consumers, we’re surrounded by CTAs regularly, yet small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers often fall short of utilizing them effectively in marketing initiatives due to their subtle nature. Let’s delve into the art of CTAs.

The Art of Calls To Action

Calls to action are present in every piece of good marketing. So, what exactly is a Call to Action? A CTA is a phrase used in marketing that instructs the customer on what to do next.

Common examples include: “Click here to learn more!”, “Call to get your free quote today!”, “Add to Cart”, and “Sign up for our FREE Newsletter!” These phrases serve as invitations to move into the next phase of the business’ sales funnel.

Here’s the catch: While our ultimate goal is to increase sales and revenue, CTAs are rarely as explicit as “Get out your credit card and spend money with us!” This is where the Art of Calls to Action comes into play.

Step 1: Build awareness of calls to action in your daily life.

As you go about your day, pay attention to the CTAs around you. Notice their simplicity, directness, and frequency in various mediums such as TV commercials, radio ads, social media, bulletin boards, and email campaigns. Consumer exposure to CTAs is constant; take note.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the types of calls to action.

CTAs need to be purposeful and strategic. Most CTAs align with defined marketing goals:

Awareness CTAs: Invite potential customers to explore without making a purchase immediately. Examples: “Visit our website!” or “Follow us on Instagram!” These lay the groundwork for brand awareness.

Engagement CTAs: Encourage a bit more commitment, often with an incentive. Examples: “Sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase!” or “Comment below for a free gift!” These build trust and keep your brand in their orbit.

Conversion CTAs: The Big Ask. We recommend not starting with this; move customers through previous CTAs first. Examples: “Add to Cart,” “Limited time offer, shop now!” These directly impact sales and should be used strategically.

Consumer CTAs: Leverage satisfied customers to spread the word. Examples: “Tell us how we did!” or “Share with a friend and get 10% off your next order!”

Step 3: Incorporate calls to action into your marketing.

Now that you know the types of CTAs, start incorporating them into your marketing efforts. Add them to email blasts, blogs, social media captions, and live streams. Regardless of the medium, always include a Call to Action to guide your audience seamlessly through the sales funnel.

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Written by April Warner

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