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Our Story

Melissa Blackburn, Co-Creator + CEO; Danielle Lim, Co-Creator + COO

When co-creators Melissa Blackburn & Danielle Lim met in grad school, they hit it off with the first ‘hello’. This former operations strategist & marketer duo shared a passion to empower & support entrepreneurs to truly succeed. Besides an affinity for the startup scene, both believe in the power of a balanced lifestyle. Together, they co-founded Haven Collective with a vision to build THE space, community and support system for entrepreneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers to get sh*t done, find balance and conquer the world.

Co-Creator Bios:

Melissa Blackburn

Backed by 15 years of operations management experience, Melissa brings an eye for detail and deep understanding of corporate culture to Haven.  She has a track record of proven success implementing process improvements to help startups scale while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Her passion and energy are an inspiration to others also working hard on side-hustles. These are key reasons she has built relationships that last. Her vast network will benefit Haven’s community by connecting them with the right people and resources when they need them most. As a professional new to the work-from-home mother lifestyle, Melissa brings a unique perspective to help build amenities and features in the space that matter to those who are also attempting to run a business and a family in parallel.

Danielle Lim

Danielle brings the creative vision to the Haven team. As a work-from-home professional for over a decade, Danielle not only understands our community, she is a foundation within our community. With 15 years of experience in venture capital and marketing, Danielle’s expertise enables her to craft the unique elements needed to bring successful startup stories to life. Having a rich involvement with local organizations like Green Columbus, Glass Axis & Net Impact, her connections within and around Columbus bring a dedicated and passionate network of individuals and company relationships that give our community the passion and purpose to succeed.

The Duo

Melissa & Danielle believe that Haven is much more than just another coworking space. Haven is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers at every stage of their professional journeys.  A place for work.  A place for home.  A place of our own.