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Working Mothers: Superheroes


Marti Post

Marti Post


Marti Post is one hell of a working mother and she’s made it her mission to make sure mothers like her understand that they are superheroes. We’ve recapped her event at Haven below. To learn more or to work with Marti, check out a’parently.

5 thought-provoking ideas about Motherhood

  1. Sharing our stories makes it easier to normalize the reality of how challenging motherhood can be. Telling people how you are really doing can be a relief and helps to keep it real about the very real difficulties. 

  2. The ragged edges of our day can further impact the feeling that we are failing. A hard morning with the kids makes it hard to show up ready to go at work just like a rushed end to our workday can keep us from being ready to parent at night.

  3. We don’t get (or give ourselves) enough credit for the things that we are doing. We are constantly affirming the kids or our partner, yet who is doing it for us or how can we learn to do it for ourselves? Can we get a sticker chart over here? Take time to look back over what you have done and take stock…seriously, just look back at your calendar. Recognizing the things you’re getting right instead of all the things you think you’re “half-assing” is essential. Start to look around at the things you are actually doing…you are killing it.

  4. There is a lot more on your mind than just what is on the list. Sometimes it takes so much effort to cross off the to-do list that you have a hard time h=getting to what is on your mind. Acknowledge that the mental load is real. 

  5. Figure out what you need to feel recognized. What is it that would help keep you motivated and get more credit for what you ARE doing (often times this is linked to your love language). The key is that, once you realize what you need, you have to ASK for it! 

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