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Natural Ways to Live Anxiety Free


Photo by Brooke Lark

Photo by Brooke Lark


Many of us experience some type of anxiety in our daily lives, upwards of 20% of us actually. And the vast majority don’t seek treatment. We wanted to know more about what we could do on our own to help combat the anxious feeling we’re experiencing, so Dr. Kiran Khaira, of Roots Whole Health, came out to Haven to talk Natural Ways to Live Anxiety Free.

After we got a brief introduction from Dr. Khaira on what naturopathic medicine is and the causes of anxiety, which are many, we don’t right into some examples of things we can ingest and do to help with some of the anxiety we may be experiencing.

  • Herbs for anxiety are used in teas and topical treatments and can play a role as nervines and aptogens in alleviating anxiety. Since Dr. Khaira brought in some tea for us to try, we’ll focus on just this one example. Some nervine teas that can be drank individually or as a blend could include ingredients like: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Skullcap, Hibiscus, and Licorice. You can often find great tea blend with these ingredients right in your local grocery store.

  • Nature offers us plenty of ways to calm us naturally. Forest Bathing may sound hippie-dippie, but by entering nature, taking deep breaths, and becoming aware through the use of all of your senses, your anxiety can lift. Earthing is another fun practice where we literally place our feet on or in the earth to reconnect with its vibrant energy. Lastly, there’s biophilia where we bring the outdoors in with plant life that cleans our air and lifts our spirits.

  • Flower essences were a lot of fun to learn about and we took time to understand some of the different types for anxiety. One go-to for anyone reading is the Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula. We created our own blends for the type of symptoms we typically experience. Adding this to your water everyday can be known to help.

  • Automatic Writing where for 20 minutes you write every thought down that enters your head without editing and without ever rereading. At the end of the time, the writing is torn up or burned as a way to let go of those thoughts.

The best way to understand what it is your body needs to live anxiety free is to schedule a visit to discover where your anxiety comes from and the best ways to treat it. There are so many reasons our anxiety may exist that are part of who we are, what we eat, and how we live our lives and getting to the root of that is what Dr. Khaira specializes in. Often, Dr. Khaira will talk with you on a brief call to determine whether you need to schedule an appointment. Please call her to start the process.

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