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Roxy Ricketts is Paving Her Own Career Path




Roxy Ricketts is a public relations and communications expert. From developing messages, launching new products, planning events and earning national media coverage, Roxy has an extensive background in beauty and lifestyle PR. At the beginning of 2019, she transitioned from years of agency life to freelance PR and brand strategy consulting. 

“I really love to fully immerse myself in a brand and get to know the ins and outs of an expert or a product,” Roxy said. “I love to give clients an in-house experience, to make them feel like they’re my only client, and to know that their goals are my goals.” 

After graduating from Westminster College in Pennsylvania, Roxy moved to New York City to pursue fashion PR, but over time gravitated toward beauty and lifestyle PR. She first interned in the Versace Press Office and freelanced for Armani before she went to her first agency. She then spent seven years at TL Communications, a boutique agency in New York City, where she led a team she loved and had clients she enjoyed working with. She launched three haircare lines and worked with some of the world’s greatest hair stylists and experts, such as Oribe Canales, Rita Hazan and Jen Atkin.

I would love to encourage others to take a leap into the freelance world if they can’t find what they’re looking for in a company,
— Roxy Ricketts

When Roxy and her family relocated to Columbus, she wanted to figure out how to do the work she loved doing in a new city. After learning the Columbus media landscape, she launched her own consulting company, Roxanne Ricketts LLC.

“I would love to encourage others to take a leap into the freelance world if they can’t find what they’re looking for in a company,” she said. “I have the opportunity to work with brands and experts I’m passionate about.”

Roxy only takes on clients she knows she has the time to be fully dedicated to because she wants brands to have a meaningful and positive PR experience.

“What I realized is if you stay in the lane you’re passionate about and where you have the most experience, you can do the most with your time for your clients,” she said.

Roxy has learned many skills over her career but believes building both client and media relationships is imperative.

“You need both of them to yield the results that you want,” she said. “It’s really important to remain ethical, and by that I mean being transparent and honest with everybody – clients, media, your team, your employer.” 

Roxy joined Haven Collective shortly after she went full-time with freelance consulting. She loves having a routine and feeling part of a team even when she is working solo.

“Whatever you want to do, find others who are doing it,” she said. “Network and find mentors so you’re not alone… Ask questions, learn and collaborate. I would feel so isolated if I didn’t have that collaborative space – both physically at Haven and within my network.”

Roxy’s goals for the future of her business includes continuing to help clients reach their PR goals and working with clients that really challenge and motivate her.

By Christian Snyder 

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