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Listen and Learn! Recommended Podcasts from Haven Members

Recommended Podcasts from Haven Members

When it comes to having a dream – or in our cases, a business – we need to learn a lot in order to make it a reality.

That’s why we love podcasts! They are a great way to absorb new information for those with busy lifestyles. Turn them on while driving, cleaning up around the house, or as a replacement to screen time.

Plus, not only do we enjoy listening to podcasts, but our members at Haven also love producing them!

Being creative and expressive is just one of the glorious parts of being an entrepreneur. And, luckily for us, some of our members have channeled their creativity into keeping us informed with a list of excellent show recommendations.

Take a listen to these recommended podcasts made by Haven Collective members that are meant to inspire, educate, and challenge the status quo.

The Unscripted Podcast

Aida Pickering (UNLMTD), Simone McKenna (Simone McKenna Fitness), & Erin Tennant (Grow Well Coaching)

If you’re craving deeper conversations that go beyond small talk, The Unscripted Podcast is the cure for what ails you. Created by Aida Pickering, Founder and CEO of the lifestyle clothing brand UNLMTD, and co-hosts Simone McKenna, a fitness and nutrition expert and Erin Tennant, life coach and owner of Grow Well Coaching, this podcast doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff in life—or the beautiful stuff, either. Through the lens of their everyday lives, wellness and coaching backgrounds, they talk about things that most of us keep to ourselves. The podcast will also feature inspirational and accomplished guests who will get candid about their mindset, emotions, and life experiences that listeners can relate to. It’s an honest, necessary look at how we humans move through the world.

Why we love it: With the vantage point of having multiple points of view, this podcast talks about how we all perceive and experience life in a raw and honest way. From topics such as perfectionism to people-pleasing to asking “is self-care selfish?”, this podcast reaches our inner thoughts and lets them know that they are not alone.

I’m Not for Everyone

Dr. Lee Cordell

Join Dr. Lee, a nurse practitioner and clinical trauma specialist turned business coach and mentor, as she discusses juicy and taboo topics from A to Z. Whether it’s sex, money, health, or pleasure- Dr. Lee covers it all and tells you exactly what she thinks.

Why we love it: Many topics are considered “hush-hush,” but luckily Dr. Cordell breaks the silence and speaks up, loud and proud. While no topic is off-limits, she focuses on subjects that most women only talk about in trusted circles.

Healing Hormones

Nina Boyce

Healing Hormones Podcast was created so that women everywhere had a resource to get their menstrual health questions answered. Too often, we feel left in the dark with questions about our body, hormones, and challenging period symptoms.

Learn from Nina, and top women’s health experts, as we bring awareness to topics often dismissed in mainstream media and wellness.

Join us as we discuss birth control, hormonal imbalance, FAM, mental health, pregnancy/motherhood, and more – nothing is off limits.

Why we love it: This podcast is an amazing resource for women who want to learn more about their bodies and how to work with it, not against it. Mainstream women’s health education barely ever educates us about the real deal when it comes to our hormones, but this podcast thankfully does.

Create Your Empire

Yasmine Robles

As a small business owner, your website is your most powerful asset. It’s the first impression for most of your leads and can turn visitors into raving fans – but what happens when it’s not done well? This vlog is a treasure trove of advice, interviews, and digital marketing know-how. Yasmin believes that design should make you cry, laugh, join a movement, or spark your curiosity. Her specialty is assisting you in finding the financial freedom that you crave, by helping you build an online brand that brings in your dream clients. Because here’s a secret: a bad website, or no website at all, will turn off leads. Your digital presence should strike your client’s emotions, connect with their values and make them take action. Or else, you’re just another business fighting for attention.

Why we love it: This vlog is an amazing resource for anyone that needs help with their digital world. From how to choose your website template, to SEO information, to mistakes you might be making with your website – this vlog has you covered.

What do you think?

We hope you enjoy these unique subject matters and perspectives. We believe that listening to ideas outside of your day-to-day subject matter help keep our creative energy flowing so that we can continue to grow and expand.

Also, what are some ways that you can share your wisdom with the world? You never know, someone may need to hear it! Whether it’s a social media post, a blog, or a podcast, everyone has a story to tell and lessons worth sharing.

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