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Event Recap: How to Create a Sales Mindset with Kim White

Kimberly White

At Haven Collective, we recently had an amazing virtual workshop with Sales Warrior, Kim White that we couldn’t keep all to ourselves.

In this post, based on her workshop, we will talk about strategies that Kim recommends for shifting away from a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset and how doing that will help prepare you for more sales in your business.

But, before we get down to business, first things first…

About Kim White

Kim White is an Influencer, Motivational Speaker, and Performance Coach that empowers people with purpose-driven practices to fuel their best in the moments that matter the most.

Her keynotes, workshops, and coaching provide people with clarity and it starts with knowing your purpose (or purposes), both personal and professional. Once you know your “why”, your purpose, everything else falls into place: habits, energy, and mindset. A strong sense of purpose equals acting on your habits, energy, and mindset.

In the virtual workshop we had with her, Kim recommends the book “The Mindset of a Sales Warrior: Unleash Your Mind, Become a Sales Warrior, and Earn What You’re Truly Worth” by Jason Saunders Forrest, where he describes 42 Strategies on how to cultivate a sales mindset. Luckily, Kim condensed that and had us focus on 5.

Let’s take a look at those strategies.

Strategy #1: The 4 Questions

To start, Kim recommends establishing your goals and how you plan on achieving them. To aid in this process, she suggests asking the following four questions:

  1. What do I want to accomplish and when?
  2. Why is it important to me?
  3. How will I accomplish it?
  4. What coaching do I need?

For best results, sit with these questions on the regular, such as every 30 days, to evaluate where you are and what shifts you need to make.

Motivational Tip: The Concept of Stretch Goals

She continued to share the story of famous golfer Arnold Palmer going into each game with the goal of shooting a 54 game. To be honest, I don’t know golf very well, but apparently that number was the sweet spot for Arnold to play a great game. It was bold enough that it would help him win, but also he broke down how to get to that number into small, measurable steps.

Strategy #2: Define Your Story, Define Your Obstacle

“What is more important than what happens to you is the story you create about it.” – Kim White

Kim talks about how we all have internal stories, and some of them may even stem from childhood, that shape the way we think about ourselves or situations. Usually they are negative, grounded in some sense of truth, and supported further by assumptions.

These internal stories can serve as mental obstacles that prevent you from moving towards your goals.

So, ask yourself: What are the stories that prevent you from moving forward with your goals?

They can be about your business, your schooling, your relationships…the list is endless. But once you get clear on why you feel limited, then we work on feeling limitless.

Strategy #3: Build Up Your Inner Voice

Mindset is everything. We all have inner stories that hold us back from reaching our potential and realizing our dreams. So the next step is to shift the story from negative to positive.

By building up your inner voice and your inner warrior, you will create a growth mindset, possess positive energy, be more open to change, and feel motivated to move forward with action.

Strategy #4: Create the New Story

Now, it’s time to officially switch that story from an obstacle to a motivator.

When Kim clings onto her old stories, she asks herself these questions to help her shift into the new story.

“The truth is…

If I continue on this path and don’t change…

This mission is important to me because…

From now on I will…”

Once you establish your new, motivating story, she suggests having it replay in your brain so that it sticks.

Strategy #5: Visualization

Tap into your subconscious mind with visualization.

The final step is to visualize all the details surrounding this new story. Ask yourself, “What are you wearing, how are you feeling, who are with, what are you doing?,” etc.

Then, take a mental snapshot of this new story so that you can come back and replay it.

Repeat that new story visualization exercise at least one minute a day to help put you in the growth mindset.

Example of Kim Reshifting her Mindset

Kim tells the story how she failed the 1st grade…and many other subjects throughout her journey in school. She was over the moon when she got a C. Failing at the young age of 6 gave her the motivation to help others live with purpose.

She went from barely graduating high school to eventually graduating cum laude with departmental honor and academic scholarships, and obtaining a master’s degree with a 3.99 GPA.

As Kim describes on her website, “High GPA’s are nice, but it’s what I learned about failure and the importance of knowing my purpose that took me from a failing student to a high performer in multiple areas of my life. Once I shifted my mindset from fixed to growth, I got clarity on my purpose and energy took over to make my goals a reality!”

Learn more about Kim White and her services.

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