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LOUDX Studio

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The Haven Mansion has enjoyed an injection of new energy these days thanks in part to LOUDX Studio. We’ve been working very closely with the founders for some time and are thrilled that they now call Haven home.

LOUDX Studio is a hands-on strategic design and innovation firm focused on helping organizations build better products, services, and strategies through design thinking and workshopping. Its mission is to help organizations simplify innovation to solve even their most complex challenges.

Sasha Saberi, LOUDX Studio’s Founder was always fascinated by new technologies and leaders building the future. He started in the corporate world, and although the technology company he was a part of provided innovative solutions to solve complex problems, corporate bureaucracies and “by default” routines would hinder their maximum organizational capabilities. Up to the challenge, Sasha discovered new methodologies through workshops and design thinking in order to improve organizational efficiency leading to innovation. He fell in love with these concepts and knew I had to share them with the world.


Sasha Saberi, LOUDX Studio’s FounderSasha Saberi, LOUDX Studio’s Founder

HAVEN: What is your background?
I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is in our blood. However, I give credit to my ability to see the world through an empathetic and creative lens. This allows me to easily ideate ways to solve problems and explore new frontiers. Pairing this with my journey to simplify innovation for myself, I found myself quickly outgrowing my team and decided to venture out into the consulting and venture capital realm.

HAVEN: What was your career path prior to starting your business?
I spent almost a decade in tech (Dell Technologies), specifically overseeing operations and innovation strategies for our Cybersecurity business.

HAVEN: What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs?
Focus on your passions, capabilities, strategy first. But allow for growth and discovery through learning from your customers. The most innovative leaders maintain a culture of experimentation and testing. Focus on what users actually need. Not what you think they need.

HAVEN: How has your business changed over time (due to moves, COVID, etc)?
Since we practice what we preach, we maintained a culture of testing, learning, and continuous reinvention. When the world changed, we took a step back to innovate. We amped up our workshops, capabilities, and doubled down on simplifying innovation and business design for our clients. We also moved offices to the Haven Mansion!

HAVEN: What’s been the best part of creating your business / being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur really jumpstarted a masterclass in leadership and business design. I was the Chief Everything Officer and found myself needing to quickly become an expert in multiple disciplines that help build, launch, and scale our organization. This was quite the learning curve as I was originally accustomed to large corporate teams with plenty of resources and funding, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

HAVEN: What is your big hope for your career / your business’s future? (I hope that…)
I hope that I can help others design really impactful and innovative solutions and strategies. I hope to see that company change the world someday.

HAVEN: What are you working on now? What would you like us to promote?
I am currently working on fine-tuning and running several business design workshops for organizations of all stages. These workshops focus on creating a purpose-driven strategy that leads to growth and scale and/or operational excellence. These innovative workshops are currently being adopted by some of the most innovative companies in the world.

HAVEN: What passions or hobbies do you have outside of work? When you’re not at Haven, what keeps you busy?
I have been fortunate enough to serve as a board member for the Columbus Fashion Council, a nonprofit organization providing scholarships to fashion design students and a platform for local fashion designers. It fits the “thinking like a designer” narrative. I have been passionate about helping local designers and the industry as a whole grow. I am also a major foodie and traveler.

HAVEN: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs working from home / looking for a coworking community?
Networking opportunities are key. Not just for new customers but partnerships, mentors, influences, etc. Need a place and/ support system to bounce ideas off of, share experiences, vent frustrations, etc.

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