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Haven Creators Who Share Personal and Professional Development Content

The Haven Collective Community is full of entrepreneurs, experts, and content creators that share their insights and knowledge with the world. They impress us and teach us daily, and we think you’ll love connecting and learning from them too.

In this post, we’re rounding up our favorite personal and professional development creators. Many of them are on multiple platforms, but we’ve highlighted only one to keep things simple and easy. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Professional Development Creators

Yasmine Robles, Robles Design Studio, is a website designer who shares tips for DIYing your own website. Check her out on Instagram. @roblesdesignstudio

Varsey Laurelle, Varsey Laurelle LLC, is a Leadership Coach who shares ways to improve your mindset and become a better leader. Check her out on Instagram. @varseylaurelle

Erin Burke, Sugar Plum Creative, is a photographer who shares photography and branding tips for headshots and your business. Check her out on Instagram. @sugarplumcreative + @sugarplum.content

Heather Moran, Heather Moran Creative, is a photographer who shares photography and confidence tips for how to get the best photos for your business. Check her out on Facebook. @moran117 + @heathermorancreative

Tonnisha English, TJE Communications, is a marketing expert who shares ways to improve your email marketing to better connect with your customers. Check her out on Facebook. @tjecomm

Melissa Wick, Wick Law Offices LLC, is an attorney specializing in small businesses and she shares videos that help business owners become legally legit. Check her out on YouTube. 

Stacy McPhillips, Pencil Point Marketing, is a marketing specialist for small businesses and she shares all sorts of marketing tips on her socials. Check her out on Instagram.

Personal Development Creators

Jacob Coffman is a chiropractor that shares ways to improve your health and wellness, correct your posture, and reduce pain. Check him out on Instagram. @optimize_chiropractic

Alice Mills Mai, Centering Wholeness Counseling, is a counselor who shares information about mental health with a focus on wholeness, not perfection. Check her out on LinkedIn. @centeringwholenesscounseling

Maddie Napier, Minerva Wealth Planning, is a financial planner and wealth management expert who shares information on how you can plan your financials to have the life and retirement that you want. Check her out on LinkedIn. @minervawealthplanning

Aida Pickering, Erin Tennant, and Simone McKenna share conversations that go deeper than small talk in their podcast: The Unscripted Podcast. Listen to the podcast

Pam Stone, Visioning What’s Next, shares conversations and stories with women moving from what’s now to what’s next: Listen to the Podcast.

Erica Drewry, Aligned Nutrition, is a registered dietician who shares information about meal prepping, coping with weight gain, and self-care on her Aligned Nutrition podcast. Listen to her podcast. 

*Lee Cordell, The Institute for Trauma & Psychological Safety, is a trauma-informed business and mindset coach who shares information on how trauma appears in our lives and businesses and what to do about it. Check her out on Instagram. @leeccordell + @becomingtraumainformed

Maggie Simcic, Grind Columbus, is a trainer with killer workouts to share. Check her out on Instagram. @grind_cbus


Follow some or all of these creators and you’ll learn a ton of useful information that will help you grow both personally and professionally. We look forward to adding to this list every time a new creator joins the Haven Community. If you’d like to see yourself on this list, click the button below to tour Haven and join this amazing community of entrepreneurs.

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