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Take Time Off from Your Business with Fun Things to Do in Columbus

Mel Blackburn and Danielle Lim walking away from Jefferson Park
Photo by Sugar Plum Creative

It can be hard for business owners and freelancers to take time off and separate from their business. But, we are here to tell you that no matter what, it is crucial that you step away and enjoy yourself outside of running your business. 

In a previous post, we talked about WHY taking time off is so important, such as avoiding burnout and to help manage your stress levels, as well as tactics for HOW to take time off when you are the captain of the ship, such as setting up protocols and creating a contact list for while you are away. 

And now that summertime is officially here, what better time to soak up the sun and have some fun!

For today’s topic, we are going to explore fun things you can do in the Columbus and Central Ohio area!  Let’s get started!


Fun Things to Do in Columbus this Summer

To Explore

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Of course, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is at the top of our list. How great is it to have this award winning zoo right in our backyard! With so many exhibits and activities to do, it’s always a good time! 

Sunflower Garden

A great way to enjoy nature is to visit one of Ohio’s Sunflower Gardens! It’s best to do it when all of the flowers are in bloom so don’t wait until the end of the summer for this one! 

Franklin Park Conservatory

From art to exotic plants to farmers’ markets and more, Franklin Park Conservatory always has something spectacular to offer. Be sure to check them out in the evenings, too! It’s quite a sight!

Short North Arts District

Whether you are wanting to do a Saturday night Gallery Hop or an afternoon stroll, Short North has culture, food, and drinks galore! It’s always a hoppin’ time at the Short North Arts District. 

Living Art – Topiary Park

Recreating George Seurat’s famous painting of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte with the use of topiaries, this attraction is a must-see! Located in Downtown Columbus, this park is the ultimate gardening celebration. 


To Splash

Ballantrae Community Park

Otherwise known as the “Bunny Park,” this splash pad and park is great for family gatherings. Enjoy a picnic while the kids enjoy the water. We can guarantee you will see plenty of smiles that day!

Zoombezi Bay

A partner of the Columbus Zoo, how fun is it that we have a waterpark in Columbus! Zoombezi Bay is great for kids and adults! Beat the heat with water slides, lazy rivers, and a wave pool!

Hilliard’s Station Park

This park is a terrific place for an afternoon outing or to enjoy an event! Splash fountains, picnic tables, and an amphitheater make it a great place to be entertained. 

Scioto Mile Fountain

Enjoy the view of our city’s skyscrapers along the river while playing in this fountain! Full of city energy and design, this is a great spot to take the family for a good time. 

Veterans Park Delaware

A quick drive north will land you at this park! A great place for a picnic, you can also enjoy the fishing pond and the gravel nature trail. 


To Enjoy

Drive-In Movie

Nothing feels quite as nostalgic as a drive-in movie. Be sure to bring some blankets, popcorn, and Red Vines to make this a special night out. For those wanting to bring the party to their movie experience, try out the 21+ Outdoor Movie Series!

Outdoor Concerts

What better way to enjoy summer than to listen to live music outside on a summer night. From kids’ concerts to your favorite cover bands, Columbus has a great lineup of outdoor concerts this season. 

ZipZone Canopy Tours

Excitement awaits! ZipZone offers adventures for the whole family! From ziplining to an obstacle course and a park, there is no way you won’t have fun! 


To Learn

Self Guided Tour around German Village

Take a stroll through the historic German Village. While learning about our city’s history, enjoy luscious gardens, parks, and beautiful homes. 

Ohio Canid Center

The Ohio Canid Center offers conservation through education for wolves and canines. Take a walk with wolves and learn all about these glorious creatures. 

Slate Run Living Historical Farm

At Slate Run Living Historical Farm, take a step back in the life of the 1880s. Learn how life was back then as you take a walk stroll through gardens, a farmhouse, and a barn with costumed guides and real live animals. 

John Glenn Astronomy Park

Take summertime stargazing to the next level at John Glenn Astronomy Park! Learn from experts about the map of the sky during a guided stargazing session.


To Taste

Enjoy an Outdoor Patio

What better way to live it up during the summer than on your favorite outdoor patio! Whether you are wanting to grab a drink or take the kids out for dinner, opt for sitting outside to really up your summer vibes. 

Rooftop Restaurant and Bar

Enjoy a drink with a view from one of Columbus’ Rooftop Bars. From Seventh Sun to the Goodale Station, there are so many rooftop bars to explore and enjoy.

North Market

Located in Downtown Columbus, North Market is always a good time. From shopping for food to drinks to spices and cheese, you can always find something unique and yummy with a visit to the North Market. 

East Market

New to Columbus, this trolley station turned market is a great stop to make. From morning coffee to evening drinks, come on by anytime to fill up your cup and make a meal of it. 

Columbus Food Adventure Tour 

Get the full taste of Columbus with one of the Columbus Food Adventure Tours. Sign up for different tours to excite your taste buds, from restaurants in the Brewery District, German Village, Short North, Food Trucks, and more! 


To Move

Rock Climbing

Climb to new heights with a rock climbing outing! Whether you want to soak up the sun outdoors or enjoy this activity inside, there are plenty of places in Columbus to experience this adventure! 

Outdoor Yoga

Get fit and feel the zen with one of Columbus’ outdoor yoga classes! With so many studios and locations to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect class for you.

Paddle Boarding

Enjoy this popular water sport up at Alum Creek! With kayaks and paddleboards up for rental, take in the gorgeous views of open water, beautiful cliffs, and jovial wildlife. 


Take in the stunning views of Downtown’s Scioto Mile with a guided kayak tour along the Olentangy River. From nature to city life, on this tour, you will see it all! 


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Written by April Warner

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