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Olivia Miller: Girlboss


Olivia Miller; Olive Marie Consulting Photo by Documentary Dads

Olivia Miller; Olive Marie Consulting
Photo by Documentary Dads


From side hustle to a full-time gig, Olivia Miller has experienced a windy career path. Olivia graduated in 2012 from Ohio State and started her career in the nonprofit sector at Flying Horse Farms as a Camper and Family Liason.

After working at Flying Horse Farms for several years, she started her side hustle, working for a friend, that has since turned into a full-time consulting business. Olive Marie Consulting was born and now manages six clients from across the United States. 

Olivia’s passions are grounded in making connections, especially through social media (with Instagram being her favorite and TikTok falling second).  She believes social media offers her the ability to connect with people in unique ways, just one reason why she started her consulting business. 

Through Olive Marie Consulting, she has discovered her love of creating processes, improving efficiency, and the freedom of being her own boss, being creative and knowing her capabilities. That’s why she recommends using tools and apps to help keep your activities productive and being diligent about scheduling enough time to get your work done so that the fun can follow.

I recommend apps like Trello, Asana, Later, and Google Calendar that are intuitive.
— Olivia Miller

One piece of advice she shares for anyone interested in getting into marketing consulting is, “to utilize your previous experiences and understand how experiences translate into your work now, have your elevator pitch down and just try things!”. For Olivia, her nonprofit work taught her technical things like database work as well as relationship building and customer service which help her show up for her clients with the same level of care she showed camper families.

Olivia suggests utilizing the community resources at Haven Collective.  “The cool thing about Haven is that it’s such a community here and if you need help with anything, someone who is a member can help you solve that issue.”

Olivia loves knowing the Haven community is there for her, even if it is just to ask how her weekend was. Working for yourself can be lonely at times but Haven changed that for her. She feels lucky to have the people, especially Melissa and Danielle, there for help, a chat or inspiration when needed, which is what gravitated her towards Haven.

She balances work and life with other passions beyond just social media too. In her free time, she enjoys brunch, The Bachelor, hosting events, playing games, traveling and spending time with family. Olivia prides herself on creating a good work/life balance that involves moments for yourself, walks in nature, and coffee with friends.

We’re thrilled to have Olivia as a giving member of our community. To work with Olivia Miller, check her out on Instagram or via her website.

By: Haylee Brenek

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