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2019 Haven Event Roundup…ICYMI


Photo Credit: NordWood Theme

Photo Credit: NordWood Theme


It’s December y’all, and the last event of 2019 is now behind us. The events this year were incredible and we’re lining up even more amazing content for you in 2020. Check out everything we brought your way in 2019 below along with links to event recaps and speaker websites. We’ve been so blessed with the partnerships that we’ve cultivated and look forward to so many many more over the years to come.

Personal Development Events

  • Storytelling: Partners in Life & Business – Alex & Lindsay Remley of Edgework Creative joined us on the green couch to share what it’s really been like to run a business with a spouse along with their best advice for others looking to do the same.

  • Rituals for an Intentional Life – Joining us to share all about chakras, reiki, and tarot were some incredible women: Erica Fullen of The Wild Sage Collective, Natalie Muccio or Pink Moon Candles, and Dani Sage of Good Vibes Hive. This night was magical. Here’s the recap with 5 takeaways you can easily add rituals into your busy schedule.

  • Natural Ways to Live Anxiety Free Dr. Kiran Khaira, Roots Whole Health, is a naturopathic doctor with complete knowledge of integrative natural medicine for your whole self. In this event, we talked about anxiety and why we have it plus some natural remedies for alleviating that stress from our lives. Here’s the recap.

  • Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Spot & Kick the Habits Holding Women BackRegan Walsh, Executive & Life Coach, joined us to help us spot the habits that are holding us back and what we can do to kick those habits for good. It’s simple, not always easy, but certainly worth the investment. Here’s the recap.

  • Declutter, Let Go & Live Your Best Life – The KonMari Method became hot again thanks to Netflix, but this should never go out of style. Who wouldn’t want to live more joyfully? Michell Domke shared with us how to KonMari our things to bring more joy to our lives and you can too. Michell even wrote a guest blog to help you learn to KonMari your life.

  • Clothing Swap + Style Night – Two stylists joined us for a night where we could swap the clothing that is no longer serving us for styles from others who would make us feel like a million bucks! Thank you, TK Krinks and Amy Buschar for helping us find the styles that work best for our individual body types. Your tips have forever changed us. Reach out to them for a total closet makeover.

  • Retirement Solutions for the Self-Employed – The last thing we, as self-employed professionals, want to think about is retirement. But Bryan England made the conversation totally approachable and empowered us to take action without judgment.

  • Mindset Makeover: How Your Thoughts Impact Your Life & How to Shift Them – Giant thank you to Lisa Panos, Life & Relationship Coach for stopping in to share how we can get our minds right so we can go after the lives we want. You can learn so much from Lisa. Here’s the recap.

  • Practical Magic: Using Crystals to Infuse Every Day with Magic – Finishing up the year with Dani Sage of the Good Vibes Hive to talk all things crystals was so woo woo that we couldn’t even contain ourselves. She shared what we can do with crystals, what they mean in our lives, and how to care for them. Stop by her shop soon to pick up some crystals of your own!

Professional Development Events

  • Goals with Soul – Aligning our personal and professional goals with our heart is often overlooked, but Victoria Strelnikova showed us the way. Here’s the recap.

  • LinkedIn + Headshots – Networking on LinkedIn is made much easier with a pulled-together profile and a photo that fully represents who you are. So, that’s where we began the year together. LinkedIn workshop by Danielle Lim with Headshots by Aaron Sheldon (Documentary Dads)

  • IRL: Social Media Speed Networking – Social media gurus, Eryn Gilson (614 Mom), Shanisty Ireland (She’s Becoming Domestic), Amanda Hamman (Girl About Columbus), and Yasmine Robles (Robles Designs) shared all tips and hacks for creating social media posts that increase engagement, how to work with influencers like them, and why your follower count might be stagnant. Here’s the recap.

  • Influencer Marketing Demystified – Thank goodness for Eryn Gilson! She walked us through the best ways to reach out to and work with influencers for our brands, as well as warned us away from some of the biggest mistakes brands make. Here’s the recap.

  • Legal Essentials for Small Businesses – Getting down to business with Demetrius Robinson was one of the best things we could’ve done for our business so we just had to bring him in to share his legal tips for small business owners. Here’s the recap.

  • Get a GRIP on Your BusinessTraction, by Gino Wickman, has been a bestseller and at our event we found out why. Ryan Henry of Grip Business Traction gave us the rundown on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that can help us clarify, simplify, and achieve our business vision. Here’s the recap.

  • Working Mothers, The Superhero Session – Marti Post, a’parently, is one hell of a working mother and she’s made it her mission to make sure mothers like her understand that they are superheroes. We shared 5 thought-provoking things about motherhood. Here’s the recap.

  • Funding Your Small Business – Matt Yerkes of Cultivate shared everything he’s learned over the years about funding your small business. Too often we jump immediately to thinking we need venture capital, but since the odds aren’t in our favor, he shared multiple other options for funding our dreams first before ever having to give up any equity. This is a fun event that we’ll definitely be bringing back again. So watch our Happenings page in 2020.

  • 5 Stages of the Entrepreneur’s Journey – Many business owners struggle to develop a dynamic plan for their business. You’re so caught up in the day-to-day, you can’t imagine what next month will look like, let alone next year. To make a cohesive growth plan based on your concrete goals, first, you need to identify your business stage. Cultivate Advisors showed us how to do just that. Here’s the recap.

  • Navigating Media for Small Business Success – Small businesses can incorporate public relations into a complete marketing plan that will enable them to crush their business goals. We shared the PR tips we learned from Allison Bowers, Roxanne Ricketts, and Valerie Sharp (AWESTRUCK Marketing Group). Here’s the recap.

  • Grow Your Business with Content Marketing – Tap into your email list and ask for the sale. It’s a highly effective and underused tool in our marketing toolkit. Bevin Farrand of crushed it with her advice.

  • Engagement vs Exposure: A Cautionary Instagram Tale – Aaron Sheldon of @smallstepsaregiantleaps and Documentary Dads, shared his experience with Instagram and how it helped him grow his audience and how it also nearly killed his business in an instant. Stay in touch with Aaron here.

Community Non-networking Networking Events

  • Haven 1st Anniversary – Our members blew us away with their donations for raffles throughout the event. And their words touched us deeply. Read what they have to say about Haven here.

  • Hands-on events this year ranged from Plants for Wellness with Planthropy to Cactus Cookie Decorating with Cakes by Kat and fun was had by all.

  • Member Mixers took place quarterly where we spent time really getting to know one another over a happy hour or cookout or holiday gathering. Our downtime is so uplifting that we never skip a single mixer with our coworkers.

  • Collaboration events with The Beauty Boost and 614 Mom are some of the biggest and most fun events that we put one annually. Hippie Dippie and Hocus Pocus with The Beatuy Boost will definitely be coming back in 2020. And our Sip + Shop + Spa event that is curated by Eryn Gilson, 614 Mom is the most relaxing shopping event in the city. If you haven’t been able to make it, mark your calendar for our next one in November 2020.

Shoot us an email with your 2020 event ideas if something sparks your eye. What would you like to learn this year?

Events will continue to be listed as they are finalized on our Happenings page, so keep checking back in there.

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