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9 Must Attend 2020 Conferences for Startups in Columbus


Photo by Jaime Lopes

Photo by Jaime Lopes


Hold onto your calendars, because 2020 is going to be an incredible year for conferences in Columbus and for all you entrepreneurs out there, you won’t want to miss a single one. This roundup provides you with plenty of ways to fill your cup with quality content throughout this new year. 

  1. January 25

    Women’s Wealth and Wellness Expo is a community event that brings together hundreds of women for a day of education, inspiration, and fun. An entire day of fitness demos, wellness and financial professionals, business resources, beauty and wellness experts.

  2. February 15

    TheBusiness Generating Good Summit brings together social entrepreneurs from around the world to share their insights on sustainable social good along with the themes of experience, educate, and engage to explore how businesses can be used as a force for social impact.

  3. March 3

    Philanthropitch is a social impact fast pitch competition helping innovative nonprofits scale and expand impact. The energy generated in the room is worth attending for, but the ideas and organizations showcased at the event will blow you away with passion and inspiration.

  4. April 7 – 9

    Leading Through Excellence: COE 2020 Summit offers an opportunity to get you offsite and in front of the latest best practices in leadership and problem-solving. You won’t want to miss this because the pace of change is moving faster than ever, and organizations are becoming defined by their ability to adapt and anticipate disruption.

  5. May 18 – 19

    Interact20is a two-day digital marketing extravaganza that is created by and for marketers who want to stay ahead of marketing technology, but since marketing is a huge chunk of what every small business owner and entrepreneur does, a conference devoted to marketing had to make the list.

  6. June 3 – 5

    Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Conference is THE place to be to discover new strategies and tech to elevate the customer experience. And in today’s customer-centric world, what could be more critical to get right?

  7. September 10

    Summit of Greatnesswith Lewis Howes will challenge you to reach your ultimate human potential by strengthening your potential and reenergizing your to take on all your dreams and goals. 

  8. September 19

    Respect the Hustle Conference: Manifest Your Vision will provide a lineup of inspiring speakers aimed at challenging you to elevate your hustle. No more sitting on your laurels; 2020 is your year!

  9. September, TBD

    Columbus Startup Week is always held in September and provides everyone in our community from students to startup founders and CEOs to connect, collaborate, and grow through a series of events throughout the area.

In order to continue riding this wave of uplifting and inspiring content between conferences, bookmark our Happenings page plus these organizations’ event pages because they are consistently bringing their A-game with relevant events every single month: Economic & Community Development Institute (ECDI), The Wonder Jam, Ohio Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), Women’s Small Business Accelerator (WSBA), The Diva Movement.

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