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9 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Our top 9 apps for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners

On average, we each have around 40 apps downloaded to our phone. Of them, we use less than half. That percentage improves when we have great apps on our phone, especially ones that help us run our business from wherever we are. Each of the apps highlighted below are incredibly helpful in different ways, but they each provide a variety of features that can benefit your business. It doesn’t matter the type of business owner that you are or your entrepreneurial journey.

Here are our picks for the 9 best apps for entrepreneurs. 


No more post-it notes are needed. 1Password keeps all your sensitive information secure with one master password. You can avoid scrambling to remember what password works for which account. It does a wonderful job of tracking what sites might have compromised your password too so you make changes right away and stay secured.


You can save essential information in the app to view later, and you can even do it offline. Pocket also allows you to save articles, images, and videos to be able to access them whenever you want. And you can do it from your phone, tablet, or computer. Plus, you can save content from over 1,500 mobile apps. This is a content creator’s dream.


Project management becomes easy with Trello. The app lets you visualize what needs to get done and you can easily collaborate with other team members. You’re able to organize projects into cards, lists, or boards depending on what works best for your team. It has several tools that allow you to see the projects that are in progress, who is working on each project, and what the status of each one is. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage your projects in one easy-to-use mobile app.


Networking and building relationships are easier with LinkedIn. The app allows you to search for people based on their qualifications, industry, job, and location, among other things. You’re able to connect and stay in touch with connections, which means you have better opportunities for business deals. The app also provides the platform to share ideas, build a personal brand and showcase the work you have done in the past.

To Do

Upgrade your list-making with To Do. The handy little app syncs across all your devices and you can share your lists to work collaboratively on projects. You can set reminders for upcoming deadlines and even add images and other content to your lists. It’s a great productivity app that helps you stay focused on your to-do list. (This is a personal favorite of Haven Co-Creator, Danielle Lim)


A simple app to upload media, schedule, and publish social media posts across multiple accounts. Make changes to your upcoming social calendar on the fly, and get notifications for posts you don’t want to forget right to your phone thanks to Later. One of our favorite features is the “Best time to post” recommendations for Instagram.


The Canva app allows you to create digital content from anywhere. With easy-to-use templates and hundreds of elements, icons and graphics to choose from. Plus, you get the ability to use the transparency tool on all elements. Creating visual content, ebooks, social posts, and wireframes have never been easier.

Working from anywhere can be pretty distracting. If you need some help finding your flow, then tune into for tunes that will help you get and stay focused. Many tunes to choose from based on the tasks at hand and your mood. (This is a personal favorite of Haven Co-Creator, Melissa Blackburn)


This video editor app from Videoleap is user-friendly with confidence-boosting, non-destructive editing. Novices will find this robust but simple to figure out. Essential editing tools are displayed first, instead of hidden like many apps. You’ll find adding photos and video clips from your phone quick and easy. Enjoy their new templates for making TikTok’s or Reels, and export in a variety of resolutions.

Special mentions:

Zoom: Can anyone function without Zoom anymore? That makes the app a must-have. Intuitive user experience, seamless transition to video, and easy to screen share.

Financial software (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Square, PayPal): Want to send invoices, check the status of payments, and respond to client feedback right from an app? Make sure to add your financial software of choice to keep it all with you on the go.

Insight Timer: Since entrepreneurs can lead stress-filled lives, it’s important to recharge to tackle your projects with fresh enthusiasm. Insight Timer is a meditation app that helps you feel refreshed and focused.

Slack: Centralize your conversations with this messaging app. You can create channels for different projects or teams, send direct messages and add content such as videos or photos. Slack also integrates with tons of other apps. (We recently shared Haven members’ recommendations for software they rely on and this topped their list.)

Google Workspace (Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc): Have you ever been somewhere and needed to access a file, only to realize it’s on your computer at home? Accessing files anywhere and everywhere you go becomes much easier with Google Drive/Sheets/Docs. The mobile apps let you create, view, edit and send all sorts of documents. 


No matter what your business is, there’s an app that will help you run your business on the go. These 9 apps are ones we love for entrepreneurs of all types. For more entrepreneurial tips, stop into Haven Collective for a tour to see for yourself how different coworking can be.

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