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Most Recommended Collaboration and Organizational Tools: As Shared by Members

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As the Haven Community continues to grow, more and more of our members come to us asking for recommendations on everything from a good virtual assistant to tools and hacks that can support them personally and professionally. Since we’re just a team of two, we ask the Collective, and they always deliver!

Today, we’re sharing their recent thoughts and recommendations on collaboration and organizational tools that they love. We certainly hope this gives you some insight into what you might want to be investing in next.

Favorite Collaboration Tool

1. Slack

What we love about it: Slack is GREAT to keep conversations organized by topic with a team. (Yasmine Robles, Robles Designs)

2. Asana

What we love about it: Asana is loved for assigning tasks to people, being able to see an overall project in one space, breaking up projects into sections, and setting task progress. You can send appreciation to people when they complete tasks (a little surprise and delight for the team). (Stacy McPhillips, Pencil Point Marketing)

3. Trello

What we love about it: Trello is good to collaborate on a variety of projects with different view options like the most-loved List view. (Nicole Emenpour, NSE Marketing)

Favorite Organizational Tool

1. Google Workspace

What we love about it: Google Drive is a good backup for your hard drive. You can also use it to collaborate with interns and contractors, giving you more control over access to certain files or folders. (Carissa Richardson, Kindred Strategy)

2. Calendly

What we love about it: Calendly makes scheduling time between you and a client incredibly easy. It also integrates well with Google Calendar and can be customized based on days/weeks/times. (Maddie Napier, Minerva Wealth Planning)

This eliminates the back and forth emails to get a meeting or call on the calendar.

3. Airtable

What we love about it: Airtable is basically a spreadsheet with a touch of a database, forms, and more thrown in! (Rachel Kershaw, Greater Columbus Consulting)

Favorite Automation Tool

1. Mailchimp

What we love about it: Mailchimp is super user-friendly! (Tonnisha English, TJE Communications)

2. Later

What we love about it: Later keeps all your visual media organized for quick posting to multiple social media accounts and auto publishes them for you. (Jackie Burtch, Burtch Designs)

Special MentionsZapier, Active Campaign, Planoly, Honeybook, Klaviyo, Loomly

We would love to know what tools you find most helpful in your small business? Send your thoughts to us by email: membership at havencolumbus dot com. Our members are always looking for the easiest and cheapest ways to collaborate, stay organized, and automate all the tasks that go into running their businesses.

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