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One Happy Hour

I’m well aware that in-person events have been back for some time now, but at Haven, many of our members are still working virtually so we’ve kept our growth and networking events virtual in order to follow their lead. Until now. 

Earlier this week, we did our first in-person social event since the pandemic started. We invited members to join us for Happy Hour at a local hot spot, High Bank Distillery, and we spent time together.

My heart burst with joy watching our members connect with one another, build their own networks, and simply enjoy one another’s company. Whenever you have an opportunity to surround yourself with great people, delicious food, and tasty drinks, it feels like everything starts clicking on all cylinders. It’s electric.

We embrace that feeling regularly in each location, but for this event, we were able to bring our regulars from each space together under a different roof and watch sparks fly. How wonderful it felt to let our hair down for a couple of hours and laugh together.

My only regret was not pulling everyone in for a group photo. It was a missed opportunity, but I know everyone left with new connections made that will bolster their businesses and beyond, so the memory of this night will always be there, even though the picture will not.

We look forward to creating many more events and opportunities like this one in the future. Because we know that Together We Shine Brighter. Thanks to all those who attended this happiest hour.


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Written by Danielle Lim

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