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Yasmine Robles: Brand Glitter Bomber


Yasmine Robles

Yasmine Robles


Yasmine Robles has learned to lean into her gifts to build Robles Designs, her web design and branding company. She’s leveraged her creativity and Industrial Design degree to launch her business after years in corporate America to create drool-worthy websites for entrepreneurs hellbent on taking over the world. Her gift and passion show in every ounce of her work.

“[industrial design classes] always challenged us to think about the users and how to make things as simple as possible for them,” Yasmine said about how her industrial design classes prepared her for running her own business.

While the majority of her courses were focused on graphic design, it was her website class that truly set her on her path to success after teaching her the fundamentals of coding. Years later, after designing a website for a former manager, Yasmine felt confident that she’d discovered her gift.

In taking the leap from corporate work to starting her own business, Yasmine credits her husband for his support and encouragement to do what she loves even during the difficult initial transition as a freelancer with just a few projects. She advises others to “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. That’s how you’ll learn new things and how Robles Designs was born.

Yasmine now operates her business from Haven Collective, after attempting to work from home… with varying degrees of success. As a mother to two daughters, a three-year-old and a six-year-old, it was difficult to create structure. She could only focus on her work when the kids were napping or asleep for the night.

Haven has given her the space to let her work flow and still feel at home. People in the community are open and excited to share and help one another. Yasmine also mentioned that Melissa, Haven Co-Creator, coached her and helped her get over initial fears by helping her understand and track numbers to grow the business. 

“This is such an amazing community, and I think that’s why my business is flourishing here,” said Yasmine. “Go to meetups and expand your networks,” Yasmine recommended, “network, as much as possible even before you graduate.” Even non-business social events brought her new clients.

To learn more about Yasmine and her mission, or to have your brand glitter-bombed by the best, check out the Robles Designs.  website. To learn from Yasmine, check out her workshop opportunities from Digital Hustle Tribe

By: Yifei (Elena) Zhao

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