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Virtual Office or Virtual Coworking: What’s the difference?

The novel coronavirus has upended the way we work and for the first time, many of us are working from home… with varying degrees of success. You might be experiencing some of the perks of working from home (hello, ‘no pants’ Tuesday). But since not everyone thrives in that environment, you may also be frustrated working from home. Solutions like virtual offices and virtual coworking are provided to support from home professionals but do you know the difference between these two solutions? We’re breaking down the differences between virtual offices and virtual coworking so your search goes much smoother.

Virtual Office

Images by Gus Ruballo and Jason Mowry

Images by Gus Ruballo and Jason Mowry

A virtual office provides your business with a professional mailing address that you can list on your website and Google* without having to pay for rent in a commercial property. Reception services, mail forwarding, and access to meeting rooms could also be bundled into your virtual office, depending on the company you select. 

Example: Haven’s virtual office solution bundles together a mailing address, access to our online community, plus member rates for conference room and private event space rentals.

Prices for virtual office solutions vary by company and bundle of services selected. Haven virtual offices at both our Columbus and Upper Arlington locations start at $85 per month. 

Virtual Coworking

While virtual coworking has been around for a while, the pandemic has made this solution more popular as people seek online solutions for their social fix. Virtual coworking connects you with a community of people who, like you, work from home or own their own business and want to stay connected and keep their skills sharp.

Virtual coworking communities offer support to members through online resources, private community groups, and virtual events. All members of Haven enjoy virtual support services while showing up for themselves and one another. Some of the benefits Haven members have access to virtually are private one-on-one business coaching sessions, mastermind groups, and virtual coffee chats.

Prices for virtual coworking vary by company and are offered by online-only spaces as well as established coworking spaces. Haven’s virtual coworking is $60 per month to anyone in the US.

Knowing the difference between a virtual office and virtual coworking solutions should make your Google search much simpler. Please send us an email if you have any questions about these offerings. We’d love to help you with your search.

*Publishing your home address as your business address can be tricky, plus Google won’t allow you to verify your account with a PO Box or UPS Sure address.

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