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Why You’ll Thrive in a Coworking Space



Haven Collective recently celebrating a big anniversary. We turned ONE! Over the course of these past 12 months, we’ve watched our community thrive. Each member has grown personally and professionally and continues to grow. It’s easy when you realize that coworking allows you to be your authentic self and do meaningful work. Being a part of a community that supports you and helps you successfully achieve your goals is uplifting and it inspires us daily.

Why You Can Thrive with Coworking

Harvard Business Review studies how people flourish in business and discovered that people who are members of coworking spaces report higher levels of thriving than their office-going counterparts.

Be Your Authentic Self

“Since I joined Haven in 2018, my life has changed. I have met fellow travelers who shared their stories – other entrepreneurs who offered valuable guidance and friendship. As a result, I have bravely invested. I have kept my eyes on the goal. I have launched a business. I am now proud to walk with clients into new phases of their lives-marriage and employment changes-and I am grateful for the room to live authentically within the expression of Love.” ~Ruth Sternberg, Nuptivity

“When I joined Haven I had no idea the impact that one decision would have on me. Over the last year I have launched a course and learned a lot in the process, I have worked with best business coach in Columbus, I made more in Q4 than I did in all of 2017, but most importantly I’ve met the most amazing people. Haven has created a safe space for me where my business is valued, my kids are safe, and I am welcome to cry or laugh as often as I need to and I will without a doubt be a Haven member for life.” ~Eryn Gilson, 614 Mom

Do Meaningful Work

“I’m so grateful to be included in this illustrious group of entrepreneurs and go-getters! Since joining Haven, I wrapped up three quarters as a grant writer for Best Buddies International, a nonprofit that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendship, leadership development and integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As a member of the Best Buddies Expansion Team, I submitted 65 applications totaling $1.6 million in requests to foundations in areas of the US that do not currently have Best Buddies affiliate offices. Through the hard work of our Expansion Team, we opened 65 new school-based friendship chapters in 2018, and are excited to launch the Best Buddies Michigan state office in early 2019!” ~Janet Callison, Best Buddies

“I am most proud of making the decision start my own business, Caligiuri Financial. It has always been a dream of mine to be an entrepreneur, and I can now truly say that I am living my dream. Aside from simply starting the business, I am proud of the time and care I give to each one of my clients. If there is one thing I want to be known for, it’s that I truly care about all of my clients. This isn’t just a business for me, it’s a passion.” ~Mike Caligiuri, Caligiuri Financial

Community Boost

“Although I am not an entrepreneur like many of my Haven co-workers, being a member of Haven has made me a much better employee. My work office is in Dayton, OH, and I work from home four days a week. Since coming to Haven I know I get much more accomplished than I did when tempted by laundry or dishes or even daydreaming. I also have an “end of day.” When I worked from my home I would keep my computer on at all times and sometimes jump on in the evenings to finish up loose ends. Now, feeling confident I’ve put in a full day, I leave my work computer alone until the next day. Becoming a member of Haven has been the best professional decision I made last year. Less isolated and more productive–thank you Melissa and Danielle!” ~Patti Gehred, WYSO

“My candle business is thriving because of the coaching and support I’ve received from the community. I feel supported and understood at Haven. I have grown in confidence and friendship because of Haven. It has been one of the best decisions I made in the past year to become a member.” ~Natalie Wise Muccio, Pink Moon Essentials

“Since starting at Haven, my business has blown up. I met so many awesome people who cowork here and who just swung by to check it out who ended up becoming beauty boost members, retreaters or just personal friends! We’ve held 4 sold out events at this space. It’s been great to have as a meeting spot for my interns and collaboration meetings. Overall, it’s easily exceeded my expectations.” ~Rachel Kerr, The Beauty Boost

It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of each member’s story. They’ve already hit so many milestones this past year and we look forward to seeing them go even further in the coming months.

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