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Stacy McPhillips Left Corporate Life to Find Her True Fit

Pencil Point Marketing is a business with the mission to connect women-owned brands to the customers that need their products or services. Sounds easy, right? But, for so many business owners, it’s stressful and complicated. Stacy McPhillips simplifies the strategy and helps creatively build brands that resonate with their audience authentically.

After decades of working with big brands, Stacy found her calling working instead with the small ones. Every year and a half, she was trying on a new brand to see if it would fit and it turned out that it was corporate life and culture that just didn’t fit. She made the jump to work independently two years ago and it’s paid off. She’s happiest working closely with business owners who are passionate about what they do and make and is shows in her work product. Now that she’s found the right fit, there’s no going back now.

Stacy’s experience working in a variety of industries and doing all things marketing from small local store marketing at a community event to filming national tv commercials and everything in between enables her to give her clients a unique perspective and customized strategy to reach their desired audience.

Before she took the leap to leave her corporate career behind, Stacy worked on building her network, which is now full of people she can work with as well as share a steady stream of referral sources. Her advice to others looking to follow a similar path is to work on building an engaged network that will support you and your target audience. She says, ”It doesn’t need to be big, but it has to be engaged.”

When Stacy’s not working from Haven, where she enjoys working with coworkers, she can be found curled up on the couch with her husband and daughter watching her favorite TV shows, escaping into other people’s stories. Although, you may spot her scoping out cute office supplies from time to time too. She’s passionate about them which is how she came up with the name Pencil Point Marketing in the first place. It’s just so perfect!

When asked if becoming an entrepreneur was worth it, Stacy said, “I’ve helped build so many other companies build their brands. It’s kind of fun building my own.” Pencil Point Marketing is poised to teach more women-business owners how to successfully reach their audience and make an impact in their community with plans to launch a Beginner’s Guide to Marketing soon. For all the details on the Guide, follow Pencil Point Marketing on Instagram.

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