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Sarah Moore Sparks Confidence




Whether it’s leading self-awareness retreats, coaching women (and men) of all ages how to be true to themselves, or watching her three-year-old son begin ski school, Sarah Moore is constantly embracing her inner juicy woman as owner of Moore Soul Sessions. What’s a juicy woman? Sarah‘s created this term to illustrate one’s intuition, as well as their confidence and ability to prioritize what they want without considering what others might think. Sarah’s been able to coach anyone from new college graduates to corporate CEOs and help them find their own juicy woman (or man). 

Moore Soul Sessions

Sarah discovered her passion for coaching shortly after moving from England to Austin, Texas with her husband a few years ago. After moving around the country a bit, her family of three recently settled in Columbus, Ohio. 

Sarah currently works at Haven Collective and utilizes the space to host her Soul Sessions. She refers to her soul session members as her “tribe.” When she first started, she was still learning and felt like she was “winging it” at times, but over the years, Sarah has developed a more structured format, while also feeling at ease knowing this is her business and she can conform her practices to each situation. 

The sessions are fully curated experiences where women engage in rituals, meditation, exercise, and dance activities to their desired extent. In these dance circles, women are able to dance alone in the center and be as vulnerable as they would like to be. 

“Women truly let loose and experience a ‘vulnerability hangover’ once they step out of the circle and take in how free they felt in that moment. The dynamic changes and women are able to sit down and really dig deep into their own self-development.” 

Sarah’s mantra is, “how we do anything is how we do everything,” and often reminds her groups of this. She believes that this phrase is applicable not only while participating in her group exercises but in everyday life.

In addition to the meditation and dancing, Sarah finds that talking about relationships and intimacy is crucial. She feels it’s a topic many people typically try to ignore but always finds that it is a freeing way for people to express and embrace themselves. 

 “As humans, we always want to love generously,” Sarah exclaimed.

Future Goals

After recently going through yet another move within Columbus, establishing a relationship with Haven Collective, and trying to make herself known within the area, Sarah has much to look forward to. She’s excited to grow relationships with her current clients and is also looking forward to gaining new clients over the next few months.

Her goal is to be the “go-to gal” within the city of Columbus for all company, one-on-one, and small group self-development sessions. Sarah explained that although it may be currently unattainable, she envisions a school system where children talk about successfully navigating themselves as humans, knowing their bodies, and feeling certain emotions. Her long-term goal is to implement those different practices within schools. 

Sarah not only embraces her own inner juicy woman, but she influences others to do the same. Are you ready to embrace your inner juice woman?

Join Sarah at her upcoming Soul Session Mini Retreat at Haven Collective on Thursday, February 27th at 6 PM.

By Mary McKinney 

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