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Productivity Hacks We Swear By

Updated November 4, 2022

Over the course of four years, we’ve learned a lot, like keeping promises to others is incredibly easy, but keeping promises to ourselves is more difficult. That’s where productivity tips come in because ultimately, productivity is all about keeping promises to yourself. (An act of self-love at the deepest level.)

Through our community, we’ve picked up a number of productivity tricks that have made all the difference. We couldn’t keep them to ourselves, so enjoy our list of 3 productivity hacks we swear by and couldn’t live without.

If you need more than 3 productivity hacks or tools, then maybe you’re addicted to productivity tools and not actually being productive. It’s a hot trend right now to be BUSY without actually getting anything done. Make sure you check in with yourself before implementing any of these new-to-you tools. Make sure it is something you need and will create the habit with to truly get more done in less time.

  1. Time Blocking – Every day we use the Rule of 3, focusing on a short but important to-do list instead of a list that would likely take us days to complete. Those three important items on our lists get time set aside in our calendars that day. Then, we start with the most annoying one on that shortlist and swallow that frog!

  2. Stop Task Switching – Say a phrase out loud as a reminder of what you are focusing on. We say: Right now, I am going to do X and only X. Another way to remind yourself to stay on task is to use the Momentum Chrome extension so that when you open a new tab in your browser, it visually reminds you what your main focus for the day was.

  3. Invest in a Focus Tool – Sometimes you need a little help blocking out the rest of the world, so a tool designed for just that purpose can be your best friend. Our favorite focus tool is Put on your headphones, set it for the time you need and the type of focus you need (like deep thoughts or meditation) then get to work.

Use these few hacks to improve your daily productivity and let us know what you think. If you swear by other tips, pass them our way too, simply message us on Instagram. We are always sharing best practices with our community.

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