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Ryan Fenner: Getting Into the Family Business

Always ready with a smile (and a corgi pic), Ryan Fenner likes to start each day early. His work ethic is something he’s learned from his dad and its a key success factor in working successfully side by side in the family business.

Seventeen years ago, Ryan’s dad founded Elite Analytical Solutions (“EAS”), a consulting firm focused on delivering practical and actionable analytics to customers. While Ryan admired his dad for building something of his own, he never expected to join the firm. That position changed three years ago when Ryan decided to trade working for someone else in for a path that would lead to working for himself. And that meant, joining the family business and learning new skills from his dad.

George & Holly

George & Holly

Today, Ryan is the Staffing Manager for EAS. He connects people with open opportunities that are available with customers and vice versa. Over time, his goal is to eventually take over the business so that his father can retire.

This father-son team has discovered that working together deepened their relationship, offering Ryan a window into his dad’s mind where he can learn how to run a business while simultaneously contributing to its overall success.

“I’ve gotten to see a person with a great work ethic who really cares about his craft.  It’s helped me understand what I need to do to be successful running your own business, and also given me a whole new level of respect for him.”

Ryan’s big hope for the future of EAS is that he can carry on what his dad created, continuing to help customers get the most out of their analytical software and resources. He’s striving to continue growing the company while making it his own in the process. And while he may not have a crystal clear vision for what that will look like down the road, he knows that if he keeps doing the work, it’ll become clear.

“The best part has been the confidence it has given me to eventually run my own business. I’m grateful each day that I get to learn more skills that will lead to my future success.”


Since Ryan works remotely, he knew he needed a space to get his best work done…outside the house, preferably close to home too so he can enjoy a break in the middle of the day to visit his two corgis, George and Holly. Haven Collective met the requirements, and after his tour of the space, he knew it was exactly the right fit for his personality and work style. One year later, Ryan can’t imagine working from anywhere else and hopes that work from home orders don’t resurface due to the coronavirus.

When Ryan’s not at Haven, working on EAS, you can find him relaxing at home with his wife and two dogs, or maybe even enjoying a leisurely paddle on the water (SUP is their new obsession).

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