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Rituals for an Intentional Life



Recently we had the great pleasure of spending an evening with some of Columbus’ most incredible female business owners and woo-enthusiasts. Rituals for an Intentional Life featured Erica Fullen, creative goddess of The Wild Sage Collective; Natalie Wise Muccio, reiki healer of Pink Moon Candles; and Dani Sage, intuitive spirit behind Good Vibes Hive. Together, they taught us how we all have moments in our day for rituals that can improve our moods and so much more. Here are the 5 takeaways we just had to share from the evening.

5 Ways You Can Add Rituals Into Your Busy Schedule

  1. Meditation: Erica led us through a 16-second meditation that proved how simple it can be to work this practice into your day. She even encouraged us to try it with our eyes open so we can get into the habit of doing it when we are in front of other people! Genius

  2. Habits: Dani encouraged us to use something we do every morning and make it into a ritualistic practice. For her, that means being really intentional and present while making her pour over coffee each morning. It helps her get grounded and ready for the day. So simple. 

  3. Journal: Natalie shared that journaling can be very easy. Just set a timer and write whatever comes out in complete free-form. When there are no boundaries, some creative and deeply intuitive thoughts may just come out onto the paper. 

  4. Move: We all agreed that it does not have to be complicated. Whatever works for you is what you should do. If sitting still is not easy, go for a walk and notice the colors in nature. Bonus points for working through the colors of each chakra as you walk. 

  5. Sound: Finally, if you’re just having a hard time calming your mind, you can use Mel’s secret weapon:

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