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Beth Menduni is Building Relationships Through Visual Narratives


Photo by Hannah Dunlap

Photo by Hannah Dunlap


Beth Menduni’s motto for her business is simple; she’s building relationships through visual narratives. Beth is the founder, content strategist, and brand stylist for Mkg Dept, a company that produces branded videos for small businesses to tell their stories through social media campaigns. Her passion is developing unique content to better connect with her clients and help them increase brand awareness.

“My role is to help other entrepreneurs to show their stories in a clear and memorable way, which inspires confidence in the business owner,” Beth said. She is the proud owner of Mkg Dept and is extremely excited about the big leap forward her company has taken.

“I am in a creative industry that makes pretty things. What sets me apart is that I focus on the story and then find a creative solution to show it,” Beth said. Her passion lies in helping businesses make videos that don’t just display unique graphics, but instead go far beyond and make an impact through storytelling.

“My role is to help other entrepreneurs to show their stories in a clear and memorable way”

— Beth Menduni, Mkg Dept

Beth has learned a lot about being an entrepreneur since launching Mkg Dept in 2016.   “To increase productivity, you need to figure out ways to automate and identify the things you are not good at and let somebody else do them,” she said. She believes a business owner doesn’t need to be afraid to explain the areas they are weaker in and collaborate with other coworkers who are more qualified in those particular areas in order to get the job done efficiently. As far as personal productivity, Beth said “schedule everything, figure out your system, limit distractions, and inspire yourself to do better work.” This will help people unlock their full creative potential and motivate them to be the best that they can be professionally.

A challenging part about being an entrepreneur is trying to find a balance between personal and career life. Beth said there is no such balance. “There are very few days where I have a win in the mommy column and a win in the business owner column, and you just have to be okay with it,” she said, explaining the sacrifice and dedication it takes to be a successful business owner.

Beth was one of the very first members of Haven Collective, and she said having an office now has helped her grow both professional and personally. “Because of Haven, I have a home and they provide a space that has helped my business thrive. Haven offers me a place to share my ideas with others in a curated space that evokes creativity and inspiration.”

By: Sam Lankie

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