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Pros & Cons of Coworking: How to Decide If It’s Right For You

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At Haven Collective, we offer coworking and private office spaces designed for focus, creativity, and connection between passionate freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers. We believe in the unstoppable power of those who create, collaborate and support one another. We don’t just talk about community, we created one. 

While we eat, sleep, and breathe the love for coworking, we find so many people that still aren’t quite sure what coworking is and question whether it’s a good fit for them. 

Read on for some Pros and Cons of Coworking to help you decide whether its a good fit for YOU! 

What is Coworking?

Coworking is similar to a traditional office, however, the big difference is that not everyone works for the same company or is working on the same project. The space itself is neutral ground and is shared by a multitude of people, often entrepreneurs and freelancers, that need a space to come and get work done. Now that more companies are allowing employees to work more flexibly (you’ve probably heard the terms hybrid or remote work) you’ll see more people coworking from larger companies too.

It is a great option for self-employed professionals that need a designated workplace, but don’t need the hassle of owning/renting their own space and all the overhead and headaches that come with it. 

At Haven Collective, and many other coworking spaces, the building is owned and managed specifically to accommodate this overall mission. Rooms and workspaces are created for a variety of needs: quiet work areas, meeting rooms, social areas, lounge areas, kitchen space, etc. 

Also, coworking spaces usually provide basic office supplies, such as access to printers, dry erase boards, staplers, phone booths, meeting spaces, and more. 

Who is Coworking meant for?

The purpose of coworking is to provide a functional workspace for anyone that needs one and a supportive community that understands. The target client of a coworking space is usually entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and – now – remote workers. 

Since 2008, the number of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and anyone that makes a living using the internet has exponentially increased, and will continue to do so. And they all need a workspace to connect to others and get their best work done. Trust us, working from home and coffee shops can only get us so far.  (Don’t believe us? Click here to learn more). 

Plus, since the pandemic, we are also seeing a huge increase in people that work from home, even if its for a big company. During that rather abrupt transition into social distancing, we learned that while some professionals preferred to work from their actual home, many found that having the freedom to work from wherever they chose was more important. Therefore, coworking spaces are now being used more and more by professionals who are considered to be “remote workers.” Joining a coworking community provides a casual, yet focused work space that allows flexibility and freedom among work-from-homers. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Coworking?

When it comes to deciding if something is a good fit or not, it’s always a good idea to create a good ole’ Pros and Cons List. 

Here are some Cons we’ve heard people say about coworking. 

Cons of Coworking

  • It’s Costly and Expensive. 
  • Coworking Spaces are Distracting.
  • Working from home and coffee shops are more cost effective. 
  • All Coworking Spaces operate the same and don’t consider my needs.
  • Coworking spaces offer no privacy. 
  • Coworking spaces are industry specific and don’t apply to me.


Pros of Coworking

Contrary to the supposed ‘Cons’, here are some Pros about utilizing a coworking space, such as at Haven Collective. 

Increased Productivity and Creativity

Coworking spaces are developed with the member, or worker, in mind. It’s not built around the corner-office-plus-a-bunch-of-cubicles format. It’s built around everyone that has deadlines to meet, bills to pay, and mountains to climb. 

That means members are able to enjoy freedom to roam about the cabin, as it were. Coworking spaces set you up for success by offering a variety of work spaces designed to fit your varying needs throughout the work day. 

Haven offers clear boundaries to spaces that cater to everyone’s work preferences. We have rooms that are more social and meant for having casual conversations, phone calls, and meetings. We also offer quiet rooms with little socialization and private zones, such as phone booths, for when you need them. There are also conference rooms and spaces that can be rented out for specific needs. 

“…in this type of workspace, members are not confined to just one area. They have the ability to utilize space other than their designated office. For so many professionals, writers block or creative block is a real obstacle. One of the most effective ways for combating block is to change your environment. Coworking spaces offer private phonebooths, relaxation rooms, soft seating areas, lounges, and hot desks so that their members can switch up their workspace and be inspired by what is around them.” – Source

Many remote workers have found that if the choice was between working from an originally formatted office or working from home – they would add an alternative option, which would be to become a member of their local coworking space, such as Haven Collective. 

Cost Effective in Comparison to Alternatives

An option for small business owners is to rent or own their own office space, which requires a much larger budget, as well as maintenance and upkeep. Coworking memberships are a great alternative, as your membership gains you access to the facilities without the responsibilities of renting or owning the space. 

Everyone’s budget is different and luckily most coworking spaces have different offerings with a range in payment structure. 

While some people are ready for the 24/7 all access package, others might just need to rent out desks or conference rooms on an as needed basis. At Haven, we’re happy to go over our different options to help find the right fit for you.

Community + Networking Opportunities

Want to know a great way to build connections? Join a coworking space, like Haven. 

We’ve curated a diverse, supportive, and successful community of business owners, freelancers, remote workers, and solopreneurs.  

Through Monthly Signature Events, Peer Mastermind Groups, and flexible memberships, connecting with other like-minded people has never been easier. 

“This type [coworking] of interaction is a game changer when it comes to the workforce. People are able to expand their networks and learn from people within their industry; people they never would have met otherwise. When your company leases a floor from an office building on the side of town, you are only able to interact with the people in your company, or just even your department. In a coworking space, you meet professionals from all over the area with different interests and connections. You are able to find new clients, collaborators, and new opportunities. All by just coming into the office.” – Source 

Professional and Personal Development

With a Haven membership, you will gain access to our Resource Collection. The Resource Collection is stocked with content surrounding not only business topics, but also wellness and personal development tips.  Every personal and professional development event adds to our growing collection too, so you never miss an ounce of information that could help you grow and feel more productive and fulfilled. 

Plus – with our Community Membership, you will receive all of the support services listed below from  ANYWHERE you’re located. 

  • Coaching – One-on-One business and marketing coaching sessions that you can schedule monthly for personalized support to reach your goals and elevate your business.
  • Collectives – Peer group masterminds meet monthly. You’ll build connections in a deep, meaningful way with like-minded coworkers all looking to take their businesses to the next level.
  • Connection – The foundation of the Haven Community is connection. Every conversation held inside our private member group, during personal and professional development events, and through live Q&A sessions with our founders, adds to the collective. Each new member brings a new variable and takes the awesome to the next level. We shine brighter together. 
  • Resource Collection – The resource library is stocked with content surrounding business finances, productivity, accountability, navigating uncertainty, meditations, marketing, and more. Every personal and professional development event adds to our growing collection too, so you never miss an ounce of information that could help you grow.


Click here to learn more about how the Community Membership can help support you and your business!

In short, the biggest benefit of joining a coworking space is this: It provides a convenient, low cost workspace that fulfills your office requirements so that you can focus on your business and your well-being. 

Real Talk: Questions to Ask Yourself 

As you can see, we feel the Pros always outweigh the Cons when it comes to the benefits of coworking spaces. 

But, at the end of the day, the decision of whether or not joining a coworking space is a good fit for you is essentially up to you. Ask yourself the hard questions and see what answers pop up. 

Things to Consider: 

  • Do you need to actually own your office space that you have complete control over? 
  • Do the expenses fit within your budget? Could it fit with an increase of productivity and, therefore, potentially an increase of income?
  • Does the commute to the coworking space seem attainable?
  • Do you connect with the mission statement and the people in that space?


So, what’s our vibe? What makes us special?

Okay, okay. Obviously, we’re biased when it comes to our space and we always hope that our members have an amazing, productive, fulfilling experience either at one of our locations or online. And as we expand and sign up new members, we always want to make sure that it is a good fit for everyone involved. 

When you come to Haven, this is what you can expect:

  1. When you walk through our doors, you’ll notice our space is open and inviting.  We will offer you a warm welcome and ask questions about YOU to find out what your wants and needs truly are.
  2. We want our members to feel like they belong. We do that by finding out what they need to succeed. We constantly make introductions to other members and offer helpful resources. We want to lower any hurdles in your way. 
  3. We are a community centered around inclusivity with a focus on personal and professional growth. If you’re cool with that, we hope you’ll join us here!

Written by April Warner

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