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7 Coworking Myths Debunked

Haven Collective's Lounge with three coworkers working
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As a coworking space, we’ve heard some stories about coworking that – from our perspective – just plain aren’t true!


And now that there’s a lot more WFHer’s, there seems to be an influx of these crazy rumors online. 


So, we want to set the record straight and debunk some of the myths and objections that we’ve run into.  Let’s take a look! 



7 Myths About Coworking


1. All Coworking Spaces are the Same

“If you’ve been to one coworking space, you’ve been to them all” is absolutely false! All coworking spaces operate differently, have various offerings, and create their own unique personality and vibe. It’s important to find a space and a community that fits in with your wants and needs. 


If you’re interested in joining a coworking space, we suggest sampling a few in order to find the right fit for you. 



2. Haven Collective is for Women Only

There’s a misconception  that because Haven is a women-owned business that the coworking space is also only for women. 


Nope! We’re for everyone! Well…let’s edit that a bit…


We’re a non-gendered space for kind, respectful people that share the belief that together we are stronger and brighter. At Haven, we value a community built from unique voices coming together to uplevel their business and their lives. 



3. Just Go to a Coffee Shop 

We all love a good coffee shop. The cozy vibes, the atmospheric lighting, the chill music with just a touch of some local culture filtered in. Always a treat. And sure, at first, working from a coffee shop may seem super great! 


You’ve made a friend with one of the baristas and it’s fun to say hi and chuckle every day with them. You found the perfect spot to set up your laptop where the breeze from the door doesn’t hit you every time someone enters or leaves. The playlist is always on point! The subtle sounds of conversations are just enough for the atmosphere to feel lively, but not distracting. Everything seems great!


But then. One day…you go to work at the coffee shop. It’s your usual barista’s day off so you don’t have your usual morning conversation pick-me-up. Someone beat you to your favorite spot so now you’re stuck next to the door with the draft. And oh look…there’s no outlet at this table. Better hope your electronics are charged at 100%. And wait…what is this playlist? Why is AC/DC playing at a coffee shop? And last, but not least, two old friends just plopped down at the next table and they are about to have a long, loud, excitable conversation about what they’ve been up to for the past five years. 


Yippee. Ready to have a productive day at the coffee shop??


Uhhg. After a few too many days like those, working at a coffee shop isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 



4. Just Work from Home

Working from home is another popular option for remote workers. And sometimes it’s the perfect arrangement depending on the circumstance. 


However, working from home can also lead to some obstacles when it comes to upping your productivity and improving your life. For some people, working from home can be distracting, claustrophobic, lonely, and the opposite of motivating. 


For one, at home there might be a lot of distractions to overcome. If you live with someone or have kids, the noise and constant interruptions can add up over time. Also, right over on the other side of the room is the couch and new episodes of your favorite show are calling your name. And oh boy, the dishes and laundry have started to pile up. When did the pantry get so cluttered? And who tracked shoe prints all over the floor?! You should really do a deep clean of the whole house literally right now. 


While not everyone gets that distracted when blending their work life into their home life (psshhh…we definitely, totally, absolutely don’t….), another issue many have when working from home is the feeling of isolation. 


In this previous blog post, we wrote, “Studies have shown that CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and remote-workers continue to experience higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, stress, and depression than those who work in traditional offices. Many of those feelings come from carrying the weight of making every decision and making them alone. Beyond that, the majority of those individuals admit that the feelings come from the isolation of working from home without coworkers and not having a sense of community around them.”


Whether you WFH or not, completely focusing on work without any positive social interactions can be down-right lonely. Remember, we’re social creatures and need social interaction. The key is having a supportive, motivating, engaging community to keep feeling connected, uplifted, and grounded. 



5. Coworking Spaces are Distracting and Offer No Privacy

Different projects and tasks call for different working environments, so we recommend choosing a coworking space that offers a variety of options.


At Haven, we have clear boundaries on all our spaces that cater to everyone’s work preferences. We have rooms that are more social and meant to hold casual conversations, phone calls, and meetings. We also offer quiet rooms with little socialization and private zones, such as phone booths, for when you need them. There are also conference rooms and spaces that can be rented out for specific needs. 


One of the beauties of a coworking space is that you can move around to fit your needs! 



6. It’s Too Costly and Expensive

Everyone’s budget is different and luckily most coworking spaces have different offerings with a range in payment structure. 


While some people are ready for the 24/7 all access package, others might just need to rent out desks or conference rooms on an as needed basis. At Haven, we’re happy to go over our different options to help find the right fit for you. 


Food for Thought: Earlier in the post, we uncovered an unfortunate reality of working in coffee shops. Another thing to consider for that option is how expensive a coffee shop can be over time. If you’re there everyday, that means you’re paying for at least one drink a day, plus probably food from the shop as well. 


(Psst, at Haven we offer complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks. Plus! There’s a communal freezer and refrigerator if you want to bring your lunch. #mealprep)



7. Coworking Spaces are Industry Specific

We firmly believe in having a non-industry specific community at Haven. You do not need to fit in any niche to be welcomed through our doors. In fact, we believe industry specific spaces can lead to a ton of missed opportunities. 


Having a collection of different industries, voices, resources, and perspectives makes our community stronger and more powerful. 


It’s two-fold: Expanding our community also means expanding our resources for our members. As more experts in different fields come into our circle, the more expertise we can share with the community. The more resources that are available, the more people will join this awesome, kick-ass community!




So, what’s our vibe? What makes Haven special?

Okay, okay. Obviously, we’re biased when it comes to our space and we always hope that our members have an amazing, productive, fulfilling experience either at one of locations or online. 


And as we expand and sign up new members, we always want to make sure that it is a good fit for everyone involved. 


When you come to Haven, this is what you can expect:

  1. When you walk through our doors, you’ll notice our space is open and inviting.  We will offer you a warm welcome and ask questions about YOU to find out what your wants and needs truly are.
  2. We want our members to feel like they belong. We do that by finding out what they need to succeed. We constantly make introductions to other members and offer helpful resources. We want to lower any hurdles in your way. 
  3. We are a community centered around inclusivity with a focus on personal and professional growth. If you’re cool with that, we hope you’ll join us here !

Written by April Warner

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