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Miss B. Haven

Let me introduce you to the newest tradition that the #HavenFam has created. Meet Miss B. Haven.

Miss B Haven Award

Haven OG member, Beth Menduni, discovered an old trophy of unknown origins during renovations at the Haven Collective Mansion two years ago, long before opening day. Unbeknownst to us, she pocketed said trophy in hopes of doing something creative with it. Something special for her community of coworkers. Something that would create smiles. And she certainly did!

At our annual member holiday happy hour, Beth presented the gorgeously redesigned trophy to us as the first recipients of the Miss B. Haven award for always showing up for our members, and generally kicking ass. Her hope was that we would routinely present the award to fellow Haven members doing their absolute best — crushing goals and taking names.

You see, when you’re working remotely, running your own business, or freelancing, there’s often no one to share the good news with and even fewer ways to get recognition for the incredible work that you do. It’s been part of the Haven manifesto from the very beginning that we wanted to build a community that celebrated wins together. What Beth created for this community was an intentional way to celebrate one another and we’re here for it!

So here’s how it’s going to work. We, Mel and Danielle, will choose the first recipient of Miss B. Haven from the Haven Collective community based on a goal we know they’ve achieved or incredible work we know they’re doing. We’ll share a bit about that recipient here on the blog. After a few weeks, we’ll meet with that recipient so they can choose the next award winner from the community. Each recipient will appear here on the blog with the reason they were chosen and then they will have the opportunity to choose the next winner. So on and so forth.

Miss B. Haven will provide our community with a tangible way to show appreciation to one another and highlight all the amazing things they do. So, who do you think should be awarded Miss B. Haven next?

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