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Katherine Rumley Launched her Passion into a Career


Katherine Rumley, Luxe & Lemons

Katherine Rumley, Luxe & Lemons


Nutrition has always been one of Katherine Rumley’s greatest passions. In college, while studying fashion merchandising, Katherine discovered that she enjoyed learning about nutrition, specifically how the body reacts to and metabolizes different foods. Years later, this love for nutrition led Katherine to go all in, starting her own business, Luxe & Lemons.  

Luxe & Lemons is a healthy food prep service based here in Columbus, Ohio. Katherine landed on the name Luxe & Lemons first as a name for a blog she planned for sharing recipes. The name came from researching her desired audience of young women seeking luxury on a budget. After Katherine’s family suggested that she make the recipes herself, Luxe & Lemons was born right in her home kitchen. 

Today, all of Luxe & Lemons’s meals are delivered fully prepared and paleo focused, with a variety of options for vegans and vegetarians. The produce she uses in the meals from late spring to fall is organic and sourced from local small businesses. 

Many of the meals are based on produce that is available in season, so the menus get switched up week to week with many options for customers to fill their refrigerators with. That makes choosing a favorite meal difficult, but some of Katherine’s favorite recipes are the cosmic brownies, chicken verde enchiladas, and the bang bang shrimp. [We’d have to agree; they’re all pretty killer!]

As most entrepreneurs will tell you, running a company keeps Katherine on her feet, but she makes sure to set aside time for her friends and family. Living by her calendar, and including time for the things and people that matter to her personally allows Katherine to stay balanced. She has learned that if it isn’t in her calendar things like rest and relaxation won’t happen.  

Working at Haven Collective has helped Luxe & Lemons to grow and expand to what it is today. Haven makes sure to let clients know about the services Katherine offers, and they keep the space stocked with her foods. She loves the sisterhood and the support she gets from all of her coworkers and enjoys being surrounded by other entrepreneurs.

Right now, Luxe & Lemons is running a 30-day community challenge to build better habits. You can also order their meals to fill your fridge and they will deliver them to your door. In the near future, Katherine hopes to expand Luxe & Lemons nationwide. She’s currently working on a new website that features nationwide shipping, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from there! 

By: Natalie Mastrantonio 

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