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Kathryn Dougherty is Changing the World One Can at a Time


Kathryn Dougherty, Founder & CEO Spritz Beverages

Kathryn Dougherty, Founder & CEO Spritz Beverages


While it may be difficult to squeeze onto Kathryn Dougherty’s overtly organized calendar (the place she is dedicated to planning every detail), but when you catch her in a free moment she’s as bubbly as the sparkling beverages she produces. Spritz Beverages is her Columbus startup, launching a line of softly sparkling, boldly flavored tea infusions.

For new entrepreneurs and individuals seeking growth in their career, she offers a bit of advice: Reaching out for a quick cup of coffee and a 30-minute chat can be extremely beneficial. Who knows, you may even have the honor of connecting at a Haven Collective space while sipping from one of their many inspirational mugs; one of the things that immediately sold Kathryn on the Haven community.  

As the Founder and CEO of Spritz Beverages, Kathryn’s days are filled with responsibilities ranging from supply chain and operation management to financial planning and attending investor meetings, and then to marketing, brand design and sales.

Spritz Teas

Spritz Teas

Her business comes to life within the halls of Haven Collection where she focuses on her three main passions that you can find in every can of Spritz. First and foremost is health; these delicious drinks are zero calories, have no chemical sweeteners and are both vegan and keto-friendly. 

Second is sustainability. As a startup, Kathryn focuses her energy on finding ways to reduce single-use plastic and lower environmental impacts. The Spritz aluminum can is not only sleek but is infinitely recyclable. 

Finally, Kathryn is passionate about women’s empowerment, and it shows in every facet of Spritz Beverages.  

“I want to be part of the change that can help close power and influence gaps– wage gaps, fundraising gaps, and impact the cultural climate. I bring that to life through my product in our packaging, our brand identity, and a direct 1% of all revenue is donated to female empowerment nonprofits,” Kathryn explains. As a female founder, she has experienced unique gender-related challenges and by getting more women in roles of influence she hopes the next generation will face less constraint. She is changing the world one can at a time!

By Holly Schneider

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