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Jenna Larson Shines as Her Own Boss


Photo by Hannah Dunlap

Photo by Hannah Dunlap


Jenna Larson is no stranger to taking control of her professional life as an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Inc. When she graduated from Ohio University she was faced with the question of what to do next while undergoing her job hunt. With only hours left on a typical entry-level job offer, a close friend called with the news that he had just been laid off. In that moment, Jenna felt certain she “never wanted to let someone else be in control of her tomorrow,” and that’s when she chose to become her own boss. She began her Mary Kay business as an Ind. Beauty Consultant and in 8 short months became an Ind. Sales Director making an executive income.

Her role as an Ind. Senior Sales Director consists of two main responsibilities: teaching clients how to care for their skin and apply makeup, and training women in her unit how to build their own independent businesses.

Jenna is passionate about working with the women in her unit and said, “each one of them is a unique individual with different goals. I love tailoring how to fit in their Mary Kay career in with whatever their lifestyle is at that moment, whether that’s a full time college student, a busy mom, corporate career woman, or a retiree.”

Her favorite thing about her job is that every day is different and filled with new people to meet. With a business like Jenna’s that’s built on relationships, it might be difficult to understand how she manages to keep a separation between work and life. But she doesn’t see the need to do that. Jenna integrates her business into her life, enhancing relationships, allowing her to share something she loves and is passionate about with the people in her life. “I have friends that have become clients and clients that have become friends.”  

After years of experience, Jenna had a lot of great business advice to offer. “Always focus on the person in front of you. The company’s founder, Mary Kay Ash, always said ‘Imagine everyone is wearing a sign around their necks that says, “make me feel important.”’ Focus on your client’s needs so they leave feeling heard and valued. Another great lesson is to always be transparent and honest with people about what you expect at an appointment. Lastly, when it comes to beginning your business, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, seek mentorship and guidance from others who are successful in your field, take inspiration from them, then add your own creative flair!”

Haven Collective has helped Jenna’s work life in several ways. She is constantly able to learn from other members and there’s always someone to ask for help if she needs it. “Haven is such a community of like-minded people and it’s great to have a network of entrepreneurs with unique skill sets to utilize,” Jenna explained. It’s also a great place for her to bring clients. She hosts training events at Haven Collective and was drawn to it because of its trendy aesthetic. She feels confident bringing clients to a professional space that she’s proud to show off.  

Finally, I asked Jenna if she had any last tips she wanted to share. She preaches the importance of taking care of yourself. “When you feel your best, you can give your best to others.” Since she’s in the skin-care industry, she’s all about self-care Sundays. She recommends that “everyone take time each week to pamper themselves.” Her favorite way is to throw on a face mask for 20 minutes, light some candles and relax. Wondering where to get a good face mask? I may know someone who can hook you up.

By: Rachel Rothstein

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