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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Teammates and Coworkers


Happy December! ‘Tis the season of gift-giving!

Gift-giving is definitely a talent and some people were born to be amazing gift-givers. However, for the rest of us, there are skills we can learn to up our gift-giving game.

For today’s post, we’re going to help you master your gift-giving skills for your coworkers and coworking office mates!

Let’s take a look!

Gift Giving in the Workplace 101

Before we get started, let’s review our post from last year: 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone Working From Home, in which you can find tons of great ideas for those that continue to work from home. Ideas range from a video conference light to a Zoom shirt to a desk plant! All of those ideas are perfect for working professionals, whether they are your coworkers or for a small business owner.

Gift-Giving Considerations

-> Are you getting gifts for 5 coworkers, 10, 20+? Or are you exchanging personalized gifts with a few close coworkers?

 If you are getting gifts for a collection of people, getting something simple and broad is the best way to go, such as a mug filled with chocolates or a bottle of wine. If you are giving a gift to a coworker that also doubles as a good friend, you can choose something more individualized that speaks to the relationship.

-> How much do you want to spend on each gift?

#holidaybudgeting is a real thing! Gift-giving doesn’t need to be extravagant to be thoughtful.

-> If you’re gifting a boss or mentor, consider your dynamic?

For a boss or mentor, this should be personalized to this person’s taste or preferences. For example, if you know they don’t drink alcoholic beverages regularly, a bottle of wine wouldn’t be appropriate. Also, what is your dynamic with this person? Do you joke around regularly? Perhaps giving a gift that has the overtone of an inside joke might be appropriate. Is your dynamic more cordial? In that case, a gift that shows respect and admiration is best.

Be careful not to accidentally undermine your superior or mentor! For example, say you come across a highly recommended book about business and management. While your superior might love to read that book, coming from their employee, it might come off as disrespectful or passive-aggressive.

-> What phase of life is your coworker currently in and what is going on in their life right now?

For instance, did they just buy a new home, get a new pet, get married, or have a baby? Maybe their children just got married or had a child, or have teenagers they are trying to catch up with. Are they currently doing a lot of traveling? Or into a new hobby?

Giving a gift that speaks to their current lifestyle shows that extra little touch that you care about their life outside of work!

How to Create a Well-Thought-Out Gift

Again, this is where that “born with it” talent comes in. Have you noticed that some people are just really good at combining things to make the perfect gift? We have!

Here are some tips to help you be that person:

  1. Stick to a theme. Select a theme such as coffee (because they love coffee) or wine or useful office gear. Make an effort for each gift to go together within the theme you’ve chosen.

  2. Thriller, Filler, and Spiller. This is a fun trick borrowed from the decorating world! When decorating one’s home, decorators regularly use items that vary in shape and size to create a look of balance and harmony to the eye.
    The thriller is a large item, the filler is the medium-sized item that transitions the eye to the lower level item, AKA the spiller.
    The same concept applies to themed gift pairing! A big item with a medium item and then a small item or filler.

Combine these two concepts (Stick to a Theme + Thriller, Filler, Spiller) to create a stellar themed gift! Check out these examples.

For the Coffee Lover 

Thriller: A mug (or mug set) that matches their personality

Filler: A bag of their coffee beans – try putting the coffee bean bag inside of the mug!

Spiller: A cute stirring spoon that matches the mug

For the Wine Lover

Thriller: A bottle of wine that fits their preferences

Filler: A set of wine glasses that fits their personality

Spiller: Wine glass charms or a festive wine bottle Santa hat

Check out the list below for some great gift ideas!

Gifts for Coworkers

Mix and Match to Create a Well-Thought-Out-Themed Gift!

For Coffee/Tea, Wine, Chocolate, or Charcuterie Board Lovers:

  • Personalized Mugs

  • Special Coffee Beans or Loose Leaf Tea

  • Coffee Mug Warmer (from last years post)

  • Bottle of Wine

  • Wine Glasses

  • Wine Glass Charms

  • Wine Bottle Topper

  • Wine Bottle Lights (after you finish a bottle, put your battery operated wine bottle lights in to use as decoration!)

  • Box of Chocolates

  • Wrapped chocolates with a bow (great to combine with the coffee lovers by putting the bag of chocolates in the mugs!)

  • Charcuterie Board

  • Cheese spreader set

  • Festive dish towel

  • Package of holiday napkins

  • Holiday utensils

  • A book about wine, coffee, tea or charcuterie boards

Helpful Office Gadgets:

  • Laptop bag

  • A desk plant

  • Fun office paperweights

  • Calendar mouse pad

  • Notepad Set or Notebook

  • Personalized pen

Life Event Gifts

  • Personalized Luggage Tags

  • Throw Blanket

  • Personalized or Festive Pillow

  • Personalized ornaments for the appropriate life event – new house, baby’s gift first Christmas, new pet, etc.

  • Cute frames for them to put pictures of their children or grandchildren in

  • Magazine about their hobby, such as exercising, cooking, or knitting

  • Toy for their baby or fur baby

  • A 2022 Calendar for the whole family

  • Any apps that they would find helpful? Pay for a year’s subscription!

The Gift of a Safe Haven

Do you know someone that could use a safe haven for work? Then give the gift of a Coworking Membership at Haven Collective! By signing up your loved one for the virtual coworking membership, they will receive kickass coworkers, access to mastermind groups, business coaching, and a killer resource library all at their fingertips.

Give the gift that supports your loved one and their business year-round.

Happy Holidays from the Haven Collective Community!

Written by April Warner

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