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10 Things To Do With An Office Space Day Pass

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Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way we think about work environments, that’s why they offer office space day passes to try them out. They offer flexibility and a sense of community. Importantly, they provide a break from the monotony of home offices or the rigid structure of traditional office settings.

Haven Collective has become a sanctuary for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs because of its welcoming coworking space and engaged community. If you’ve just grabbed a day pass and are wondering how to make the most out of your time, here’s a list of 10 things to do that will ensure a productive and enjoyable day. Learn even more about flexible workspace here.

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1. Network Over Coffee

Start your day at Haven by grabbing a cup of coffee from our communal kitchen. It’s more than just a caffeine fix; it’s an opportunity to mingle. Introduce yourself to coworkers. Sharing your projects or interests over coffee can lead to unexpected collaborations, new clients, or simply a fresh perspective on your work.

2. Attend a Workshop or Event

Haven Collective frequently hosts workshops and events designed to support and inspire members. From marketing strategies to mindfulness in the workplace, these sessions offer valuable insights. Check the schedule and participate in an event that aligns with your interests or challenges your assumptions. It’s not just an opportunity to learn but also another chance to network and meet like-minded individuals.

3. Explore Different Workspaces

One of the perks of a coworking space is the variety of work environments available. Spend your day experimenting with different seating options. Try a standing desk, a cozy chair, or a quiet nook. Changing your physical space can spark creativity and productivity, giving you fresh energy to tackle your tasks. We encourage members to act like goldilocks to get a sense of the workspace options available. That even includes the phone booths that are perfect for extra privacy or those dreadful ZOOM calls.

In a recent article we shared the ultimate list of tips for making shared desks work for you. It’s great for anyone in a shared desk situation, even if it is inside a traditional office space.

4. Plan a Collaboration Day

If you’ve been looking to collaborate with others, a day pass is a perfect opportunity. Invite peers or clients to join you at Haven for brainstorming sessions or to work on a joint project. The collaborative energy of coworking spaces can make these meetings more dynamic and productive than traditional office settings or virtual calls.

5. Enjoy a Lunch Break With a New Connection

Take advantage of the communal areas to enjoy a lunch break. Strike up a conversation with someone new; sharing a meal is a great way to build relationships. Haven’s community is diverse, and you never know who you might meet—from business owners to creative freelancers, the potential for connection is endless.

6. Utilize Meeting Rooms for Private Calls

For important calls or video conferences, book a meeting room. Haven’s meeting spaces have the technology and privacy you need to conduct your business professionally. This is especially useful if you’re discussing confidential matters or need a quiet space to focus. Phone booths are also available for these types and members love them!

7. Dive Into Deep Work

Use the opportunity to engage in deep work. Choose a quiet corner, put on some headphones, and tackle those tasks that require intense focus. Coworking spaces like Haven are designed to accommodate different work styles, including those times when you need to tune out the world and dive deep into your work.

8. Refresh With On-site Amenities

Take short breaks to recharge. Whether it’s stretching your legs with a walk outside, grabbing a sweet or salty snack from the kitchen, or enjoying the music playing in the shared space, Haven offers amenities that can help boost your productivity. These moments of pause are crucial for maintaining energy and creativity throughout the day.

9. Get Feedback on Your Projects

A fresh set of eyes can provide new insights. Use the community at Haven to get feedback on your projects. Whether it’s a design critique, a business strategy session, or simply proofreading your work, the collective wisdom of the coworking community is invaluable. Members also get to tap into the expertise of the coaching team. Haven’s coaches offer members 30 minutes of one-on-one time monthly. To learn more about the Haven coaches, read on here.

10. End Your Day With Reflection

Before leaving, take a moment to reflect on your day. What did you accomplish? Who did you meet? What can you do differently next time? Reflection is a key part of the learning process and can help you make the most of your future visits to Haven or any other coworking space.

Consider a membership to gift yourself many more days like this. Learn more about coworking memberships here, or dive right into a membership at Haven Collective here.

Day Passes at Haven Collective

A day pass at Haven Collective is more than just a desk for the day; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community of motivated individuals, explore new ways of working, and even open doors to unexpected opportunities. By taking advantage of the facilities, events, and community, you can make your day pass a pivotal point in your professional journey. Remember, the value you derive from a coworking space is not just in the amenities but in the connections you make and the experiences you have. Welcome to Haven, where every day is an opportunity to grow.

If you haven’t picked up your coworking day pass yet, get one here. Your first day pass is always free with code TRYHAVEN. We look forward to meeting you.

About Haven Collective

Haven Collective was created in 2018 to nurture & support entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses in our communities who are often isolated, working solo from their homes. The Haven community thrives by bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who are all looking to level up personally & professionally. Beyond coworking, private office, and conference room workspace, Haven provides growth programming to the community designed to support the collective through one-on-one business coaching, peer group masterminds, workshops, and a resource library.

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