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Haven Collective Virtual Membership

Get the development and support you need.

A great many people are being asked to work differently than they’ve ever worked before…from home.

That can be isolating. We work better together.

We’ve built an online experience to give you the connection and collaboration that you miss out on when working from home, a place where you can do everything from sitting with others (virtually) while you get work done to participating in personal and professional growth workshops.

It’s a place for you to grow your skills and your business while you enjoy the community, connection, and collaboration of fellow professionals. The Haven Collective community has been thriving in Central Ohio for more than three years and we’re welcoming you to join in on all the benefits from beyond our four walls.

Inside the Community, you’ll find:


One-on-One business and marketing coaching sessions, with Haven Collective Co-Creators, that you can schedule monthly for personalized support to reach your goals and elevate your business.


Peer group masterminds meet monthly for each 12-month program. You’ll build connections in a deep, meaningful way with like-minded coworkers all looking to take their businesses to the next level.


The foundation of the Haven Community is connection. Every conversation held inside our private member group, in virtual coffee chats, during personal and professional development events, and through live Q&A sessions with our founders, adds to the collective. Each new member brings a new variable and takes the awesome to the next level. Come shine brighter together.


The resource library is stocked with content surrounding business finances, productivity, accountability, navigating uncertainty, meditations, marketing, and more. Every personal and professional development event adds to our growing collection too, so you never miss an ounce of information that could help you grow.

Resource Collection

Get to Know Us

We are Haven Collective Co-Creators, Melissa Blackburn and Danielle Lim, and we’re on a mission to bring together kick*ss entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers tired of hustling alone in isolation to work smarter and more efficiently. By sharing stories, experiences, and ideas with people on similar paths, we can deepen connections, create successful collaborations, and shift from hustle to flow, all while continuing to grow personally and professionally.

Our experience stems from time spent in startups and venture firms where we witnessed unsustainable hustle and burnout. There’s a better way.

Join us for true connection, sustainable mindset shifts, and watch your business grow with less hustle and more flow. We can’t wait to meet you.

Haven Collective Co-Creators Melissa Blackburn and Danielle Lim

Haven Collective Co-Creators Melissa Blackburn and Danielle Lim

The Logistics

Our online community discussion board and resource library are found inside a private online group. Upon completion of the registration process, you’ll be sent a link to join.


Together We Shine Brighter