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 Speaker Application

In a world full of chatter and noise, it’s essential to our Haven Members that we offer the best in class insight to move themselves and businesses forward so they flourish personally and professionally.


The Haven Collective physical and virtual event stage is where thought leadership, everyday best practices, and innovation are shared and learned. Sound like your cup of tea?

Haven Collective welcomes diverse industry experts to shine in front of a community of ambitious, unstoppable creators and like-minded hustlers. Whatever the content, if it invokes curiosity, motivation, and discovery for our powerhouse bosses, we welcome it!

Are you ready to make a profound impact in the lives of business go-getters? Let us hear from you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose a day and time for your event from the calendar

2. Complete this form to let us know more about you and your content



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An individual front-facing picture of yourself that is clear and recent.
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Provide your full name and title that you prefer to be shared for your presentation (Ex. Dr. Dan Smith // Sandra Miller, Esq. // Ryan Snow, LGSW)

Share a summary of the content that will be shared, including the following:
– Category of Content: ex. Marketing, Design, Communications, etc
– Length of Presentation: Cannot be more than 45mins worth of material to allow time for Q&A
– Minimum of 3 Key Learnings: What three, or more, principles can the audience look to learn and walk away with from your presentation?
– Do you have any material that will be made available to the audience? If so, please indicate it here.



– I will stop at least 2 times during my presentation to engage the audience.
– I will provide a summary at the end of my conversation.
– I will provide time for Q&A.
– I will provide a minimum of 3 Key Learning Take-Aways to the audience.
– If possible, I will provide an Application Tool/Recommended Continuous Learning Material/or additional value-added content.
– I understand that this is my opportunity to grow my following and allow people to continue the conversation beyond this one event.
– My selected date will be reserved for me unless I am unable to attend. Haven requests a one-week notice of a change.
If anything shorter than this we ask for a direct phone call or text of cancellation request.
– I will provide the Haven Collective Event Team a 15min Zoom call to discuss my presentation, answer questions, and ensure that all details are finalized no later than 3 weeks out from the event.
– I will share the event from Haven’s social page on my own platform at least 1x (tag Haven Collective) and at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

3. Schedule your 15-minute intro call