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What Makes a Virtual Office Address Better than a P.O. Box?

Receiving mail at Haven Collective Mansion from a virtual office
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We often discuss our virtual office services, but you might be wondering if they’re the same as a P.O. Box. 

Answer: No.

What is a P.O. Box?

A P.O. Box is a locked mailbox situated inside a United States Post Office (USPS) building. They come in various sizes, from small ones that can hold just a few letters to large ones that can accommodate multiple boxes and envelopes. Those with a P.O. Box visit it as often as necessary to check for new mail.

Pros and Cons of a P.O. Box


P.O. Box Pros: 

  • Obtain a dedicated address for receiving mail separate from your home address.
  • Secure, and accessible only with a key.


P.O. Box Cons:

  • You can’t register your business as an LLC using a P.O. Box.
  • Most banks don’t accept a P.O. Box as a valid address when opening a business account.
  • You must visit the USPS facility where your P.O. Box is located to check for received mail.
  • You cannot use a P.O. Box on your Google Business Profile.


What is an Alternative to a P.O. Box?

An alternative to P.O. Boxes that many small business owners are embracing is a virtual office. A virtual office provides a digital mailbox for receiving mail and packages. You can manage it remotely or collect your mail in person. Haven Collective offers a Virtual Office membership that combines digital and physical benefits.

Benefits of a Virtual Office:


Virtual Office Pros: 

  • A dedicated address for receiving mail that can be used for business purposes. (Acceptable to Google Business Profile, Banks, etc)
  • Creates a professional image for your business and builds credibility.
  • Secure mail handling by on-site staff at a business that operates as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.
  • Incoming mail is scanned and uploaded to your account in an app daily for you to view from anywhere.
  • Request to have mail forwarded to you if you can’t make it into the space to pick it up.
  • Have unwanted mail shredded or recycled at no additional cost.
  • Required USPS compliance can be completed easily from your cell phone or laptop.
  • Haven Collective community benefits, such as discounts on conference room rentals and day passes.


While P.O. Boxes have their advantages, a virtual office at Haven Collective offers a wider array of benefits for both individuals and businesses. It provides you with a professional business address, mail-handling services, community support, access to meeting spaces, and membership in an amazing community.

If you’re seeking to enhance your business without incurring extra expenses, enroll in a Haven Collective Virtual Office today. Read more about virtual offices here.

Written by Jenna Brooks

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