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Tonnisha English Is Leveling the Playing Field

With a mission to empower and educate small business owners in all forms of digital solutions, there’s no better figure of female entrepreneurial hustle than that of Tonnisha English, founder of TJE Communications.

TJE Communications helps small businesses level the playing field between themselves and large corporations using digital marketing. Focusing on social media marketing and content marketing, she works with businesses that are a one-woman/man show. These business owners know that digital is important but don’t know exactly where to start. That’s where Tonnisha comes in, helping create strategies, schedules, and creative for content projects.

When Tonnisha started creating her brand, she wasn’t afraid to put herself front and center. TJE comes directly from the namesake of the founder, Tonnisha J. English. And the brand color, purple, has always been her signature color, fitting for Tonnisha as it represents creativity, pride, and ambition.

Tonnisha started her journey at Ohio Dominican University with the intent to become a radio personality, already recognizing that communications was her niche in the world. As college shaped her educational knowledge of the major, it was her involvement in leadership positions outside the classroom that shaped her talent. During school, she strived to build her portfolio and finished with 10 internships and freelance gigs to showcase what she could do. Always having that entrepreneurial motivation, Tonnisha worked through corporate jobs as a means to pursue her dream full-time.

TJE Communications was founded 6 years ago. With Tonnisha’s corporate experience in multiple industries, TJE Communications can easily take any business that’s looking for a little push to the next level. Last year, she has launched a sub-brand called Respect the Hustle, an event series for any small business owner or side hustler who may need additional resources to level up their business. (September 18-19, 2020)

Tonnisha says the best clients are the ones working from the ground up. However grimy, grassroots the work is, she’ll be there every step of the way. For her, watching the growth of her clients is the most rewarding part of the work.

Perception is not reality; entrepreneurship life is not sexy. There will be bumps in the road, but persistence will turn into reward with time.

To support her business, she couldn’t have found a better group than that of Haven Collective. The coworking space has given Tonnisha a designated place she can continue to grow her brand.  Being able to have so many resources at one location is the biggest perk, from on-location Kids Club to business advice when she needs it.

Tonnisha says that her family has been the biggest supporter of all, with her grandmother urging her to take the leap of faith and dive fully into her business. She now looks at it from a new perspective and strives to become a figure for her daughter, so she may follow her dreams too.

As for young entrepreneurs, students, or anyone looking for motivation, Tonnisha has one important message she always held onto throughout her career. She says, “If no one is giving you an opportunity, then you need to go out and make one. Especially now with social media, you do not have to wait for someone to give you that opportunity. If you just reach out to people, you can find something. Don’t sit around, go out and get it.”

To work with Tonnisha, check out her website and follow her on Instagram.

Written by Lindsey Rowane

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