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4 Ways to Show Small Businesses Gratitude

It’s National Gratitude Month! When was the last time you showed your favorite businesses how much they mean to you? We’re not talking about your latest online purchase (although please don’t stop filling your cart with the good stuff). No, we’re talking about BIG, heartfelt, and public displays of affection. Here are simple, meaningful ways to make a small business owner’s day.

4 Ways to Show Your Gratitude

Shower them with Love (and Likes)

Social media shoutouts are free. So you can give them generously! With so many of us relying on digital word-of-mouth these days, engagement is like GOLD. ⁠

Liking, commenting, reposting, tagging the small businesses you love helps more than you can imagine. So, next time you’re scrolling, help your favorite small business out. We could all use the boost.⁠

High Fives for 5-Stars

Sing their praises publically by giving them a glowing, 5-star review on platforms where you typically research companies. Google, Amazon, Yelp, and Facebook are 4 of the main sites that potential customers use to research who/where to buy from. Share your experience and kind words to help support the businesses you love.

Be Influential

Everyone is an influencer to someone else. Tell your network about the businesses you love and encourage them to experience it for themselves.

Referrals make the world go around. Truly. We’re not making that up. When you have a great experience and share that with your friends and family, it’s more likely to keep that amazing small business afloat.

Say Thank You

Building a relationship with a small business owner can start with a simple ‘thank you’. You can take it a step farther by offering to write or record a testimonial. These special thanks go a long way in generating more customers like you for that small business, which we could use a bit more of right now.

By showing our appreciation to others, we’re building a gratitude mindset for ourselves, which has infinite benefits. And selfishly, by supporting your favorite small business, you’ll be ensuring they stay in business to serve you in the future. Being an entrepreneur is hard, but it all feels so worth it to hear from customers that we’ve done our job well.

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