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The Power of Networking: An interview with Haven Co-Founders

This August, Haven is sharing premium content with you so that you can see inside our virtual community. This content is usually shared exclusively with Haven Collective members, so enjoy this preview.

In our first sneak peek, Haven Co-Founders, Melissa Blackburn and Danielle Lim are interviewed by Danius Williams on The Power of Networking.

3 Networking Tips from the interview:

  1. Shift Your Mindset. The term ‘networking’ often comes with a side of anxiety. You can overcome these nervous feelings by simple mindset shifts. One shift is to think of a networking event like a game that you get excited about. Set a goal to have a certain number of meaningful conversations with followups based on the size of the event. Another is to look at the lack of traditional networking events as an opportunity to reach out to people you’ve met before and reconnect with them.

  2. Make it Personal. Networking is about building relationships, so you can’t simply show up and start selling right away. Right now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your current connections with a simple question or two. Try asking how they are doing right now or ask what you can do for them. These questions don’t only work during a pandemic. Deepening connections with your network allows you to make the asks you need to as you change careers or grow your business. Keep in mind that every conversation doesn’t need to be about business. Truly get to know one another and you will flourish. Plus, these real relationships will support your mental health, making it a form of self-care. (Who couldn’t use a little more of that?)

  3. Be Intentional. Set an intention for how you want to show up and how you want to make other people feel, and you’ll instantly connect in more meaningful ways. Choose clubs or professional organizations to network within so you intentionally meet people you already have something in common with, setting the stage for interesting conversations.

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