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Our Approach to Building a New Coworking Space in Columbus, Ohio



When we set out on this journey, it was clear that the focus had to remain on the why…always the why. It was so important to us to create something special; not only for our community, but with them. Here is how we remain focused on that goal and what we aim for, each and every day, as we build you a Haven.

We BELIEVE that…

A welcoming and supportive environment can help people focus and produce their best work

An inclusive community fosters innovation and allows room for the heart + hustle that makes anything possible

Having access to the right network of services makes it easier to attain focus in work and balance in life

Giving back, supporting local and living sustainably improves our lives and our communities

So, we STRIVE to…

Create a thoughtfully designed and inviting workspace that promotes empowerment and productivity

Cultivate a community that challenges one another, understands wins and failures along the path to success and develops genuine connections

Provide a personalized experience for our members to achieve their work-life balance (taking care of you so the work and flow naturally)

Celebrate and support local businesses and nonprofit organizations

For our COMMUNITY of…

Like-minded & kickass entrepreneurs, work from home professionals and freelancers (to name a few) looking to gain balance, get work done, connect and grow professionally and personally.

Sound like something you could get down with? Come join our tribe! We’d love nothing more than to hear what you need to be successful, find balance and crush your goals. Help create a space designed with you in mind by taking our 3 minute survey

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