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Haven’s Top Blogs from 2020 (ICYMI)

2020 has been one doozy of a year, so it’s understandable that you may have missed a few things. Like, these popular blog posts. So, ICYMI, we’re bringing the most read blogs back for an encore.

4 Most Read Blogs of 2020

#4: Books: What to Read in 2020

We read A LOT of books this year! Pandemic provided us more time than usual to do so too. We may not have included every book we read on this list, but the ones we loved and recommend are certainly included. Take a peek and add one, or a few, to your Goodreads list.

#3: The Complete Guide to Starting a Business in Columbus in 2020

Ok, so maybe 2020 threw us all for a loop, but when we wrote this blog, we truly thought the future looked bright. And, for many, there were still opportunities, which we wrote about here. But, we’ll make sure to keep this one up to date for future years so that you always have the best resources at your fingertips when you’re ready to go all-in on entrepreneurship.

#2: Bye Bye Facebook

Our Dear John letter to Facebook groups got a lot of attention in 2020. But it was long past time that we needed to break things off. Read more about why we said goodbye here.

#1: 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone Working From Home

It’s no wonder this blog hit #1…The number of people working from home increased by leaps and bounds in 2020, so it’s likely that you know someone who’s strapped to their dining room table instead of the office during the week. AND, it’s likely they might be on your holiday gift list. If so, then this is the blog for you. These gifts will make working from home a bit more comfortable and enjoyable in 2021.

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