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Michell Domke Helps You Find Joy Again with the KonMari Method 


Michell Domke, KonMari Silver Consultant

Michell Domke, KonMari Silver Consultant


Wow, the last few months have presented us with a time of seismic change. Work from home parents have been doing their creative best to homeschool, entertain and, for many, work remotely. Home, which may have already felt a bit disorganized, is now grand central, functioning as a school, work and art space all at once. Plus, the whole family is living in all that clutter day in and day out without the same escapes we once had. This might be THE time to dive into spring cleaning, organize your space and reset your home to spark joy.

Michell Domke is a professional organizer, helping people discover efficient systems that work for them, their family, and their spaces. Before becoming the first certified KonMari Consultant in Ohio, Michell honed her organizational skills as a volunteer management specialist, organizing people and projects for more than ten years. 

Upon deciding to start her organizing business, Michell picked up Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which ended up serving as an inspiration for her. She went on to train for and learn that KonMari is all about one following their own path and their own intentions. (Perfect for an aspiring entrepreneur!) Michell wants to help people achieve this practice by transforming their lives through organization. 

Michell is extremely caring and passionate about her clients, helping them look inside themselves to determine what they want their lives to be like so they can declutter and tidy up in a way that brings their lives true joy. Since organization is a skill that’s difficult to master, she joins clients in their homes, or virtually, for each step along the way so they can learn at their own pace. And, during this time, she offers hope for the temporarily isolated.  

For anyone looking to declutter, organize, and reset a multi-functional home/work/school space, the KonMari Method offers practical steps, some of which Michell shared with us recently in this blog post. The first step often surprises people because it’s so easy to want to dive straight into the sorting process, but Michell tells us that it actually starts with getting grounded and recognizing how we want to feel in our spaces and in our lives, truly creating a vision before diving into the clutter itself.

You can read even more about Michell and the KonMari Method on her site. Michell’s passion for helping people put things in order is inspiring, showing what it truly looks like to build the career of your dreams. 

By: Lindsey Rowane and Olivia Eisen

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