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Master Solution Selling by Answering These 5 Questions

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Solution selling is a great way to train your brain so that you’re focused on your customer. So, what is solution selling, why is it important and how can you master it?

What is Solution Selling?

Among the multiple types and styles of sales, solution selling is just one. In this methodology, you focus on a problem-led approach rather than a product led approach. By focusing on the customer and their problem, you design a solution that sells itself.

Why Choose Solution Selling?

Your ideal customer is purchasing a solution to a problem from you, not just a product/service. So this approach keeps you focused exactly where it needs to be…on your customer.

How to Master Solution Selling?

Keep your brain focused on the customer by knowing the answers to these 5 questions:

1. What problem is your product/service solving?

2. Does your ideal customer typically realize they have this problem? How will you help them assess whether or not they have the problem your product/service can solve? Hint: NOT everyone will need what you offer!

3. How can you communicate your value/the outcome of your product/service in as few words/as simply as possible?

4. What success will your target customer realize as a result of your product/service?

5. How will your customer know they have received a return on their investment with you?

It can be that simple! Know the answer to these questions and you will have much more clarity on who needs what you have to offer…and better ideas on how to find and connect with them!

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