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Marissa Krouse Inspiring Change Through Conservation




Marissa Krouse is a motivated conservationist who values teamwork and is dedicated to helping others lead their communities. Marissa is a program manager for the non-profit organization Polar Bears International (PBI), the only non-profit with a sole focus on wild polar bears and their Arctic habitat . She’s worked in conservation and animal care and education for 15 years, and when she was ready to move on to the next chapter in her career, PBI saw the same potential in her as she did in them.

Marissa’s work through PBI aims to educate, further research, and raise awareness regarding polar bears and the threats they face in a warming arctic. Marissa’s job responsibilities are nothing short of inspiring as they involve managing conservation outreach and zoo-based conservation science throughout the world. She works with the Arctic Ambassador Centers, a collection of zoos, museums, and aquariums to amplify their outreach on climate change and how we can work together on solutions. Marissa also helps to coordinate the Tundra Connections Program, a series of LIVE webcasts and chats from the tundra during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada—the polar bear capital of the world!…Broadcasting wild polar bears to students around the world.

Marissa doesn’t take these tasks lightly and has felt PBI’s trust in her since the beginning of her time with the organization. She speaks highly of the tightknit team of people working within the organization, and they have allowed her to grow and develop the skills she finds necessary in her profession. Marissa describes these as recognizing when to ask for help, taking initiative, and having patience and flexibility.

Marissa describes Haven Collective as a place where she has found community, balance, and an increased sense of accountability. Prior to moving her office to Haven, she worked from home or the local coffee shop, but found herself feeling burned out, a natural result of committed conservation work. Fast-forward four years, Marissa’s workspace within Haven and the benefits of its space encourage her to achieve PBI’s upcoming goals. These include streamlining operations to focus more on designated research projects, building an education center in Churchill, and turning people’s concern for polar bears into more meaningful action. 


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