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Maddi Napier: Minerva Wealth Planning

Maddi Napier

Virtual work has also enabled Minerva Wealth Planning to expand its footprint to serve clients beyond Central Ohio, even as far as Hawaii! About one-third of their current clients are actually not in Ohio anymore. She also recently hired her first employee in June, which is helping Minerva Wealth Planning serve even more clients. Bringing Sydney Harris on has been incredibly helpful to day-to-day operations and gets them one step closer to achieving their own vision for the future of Minerva Wealth Planning.

For others interested in starting their own business, Maddi’s advice is, “First I would say to make sure you find a mentor because the first few years are really hard both physically and mentally. Having someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, or get encouragement from is really important. Similar to an entrepreneur, I would encourage people to not be afraid to lean on significant others, family, friends from an emotional perspective. When I worked at a large organization I could always grab a beer after work and blow off some steam about whatever I needed and it was therapeutic. I’m not encouraging negativity all the time but every once in a while when it’s been a hard day, having a friend to complain to is great.”

Maddi also expressed the importance of mindset. We often, as entrepreneurs, forget that we aren’t alone in feeling doubt. Just remember how far you’ve come and try to remember that it’s significant. Not everyone can do what you’re doing. These mental hurdles have sparked a new idea for Maddi as she is creating an e-book that articulates some of the mental hurdles we deal with as entrepreneurs and how to improve in that space. (Stay tuned!)

Community is everything. It is lonely to be an entrepreneur because it’s usually just you working crazy hours and no one can understand what’s going on in your head. Find a local group you can join or a mastermind group in your industry where you can lean on others similar to you in times of need. Haven Collective is the perfect example of a place to foster this type of community so take advantage! Having a community of people as an entrepreneur isn’t just helpful; in my opinion it is a must. ~Maddi Napier

Maddi enjoys being an entrepreneur. The best part for her has been serving her clients in the exact way that she sees as the best fit and being able to impact them (i.e. knowing it was all worth it to start a business in the first place!). She says, “I love the feeling that I’m able to not only provide great service to my clients but can also provide jobs locally.”

Her big hope for Minerva Wealth Planning is that they continue to grow and thrive and become a business not related directly to her. She’d love to have partners and have shared ownership with a business that becomes her legacy. She’d like the business to be bigger than her.

When Maddi is not in the office, serving her clients, you can find her with her nose in a book or improving the cooking skills she picked up during COVID. This social butterfly loves trying new restaurants and hanging out with friends. Reach out to her if you need a recommendation or are interested in connecting.

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