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6 Life Hacks for Columbus Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is no joke! You’re building a company from scratch in most cases and on top of that, you’re expected to keep your life together. All too often, that’s simply not possible without some help. Haven Collective’s most successful members have figured out how to do it all with the help of these life hacks. Many of the solutions they’ve started relying on are actually provided by current and former Haven members too so they fully understand what’s at stake. 

This list will not show you how to be more effective or productive at work, we’ve shared multiple posts with a focus on the work of building your business. This is all about keeping life running without your long hours and laser-focus taking your health and wellness off the rails.

6 Life Hacks Every Columbus Entrepreneur Needs

  1. Get help eating healthy and nutritious meals

    Luxe + Lemons provides meal prep delivery of healthy, delicious, chef-crafted meals. Order a week’s worth of healthy meals right to your door, pop them in the fridge, and grab them on the go. Never feel deprived and always feel energized with these delightful meals. We’re huge fans of their vegetarian options too. 

  2. Get help taking care of the littlest members of your family

    The Balanced Family Academy is a full-service daycare provider. Around here, BFA is the cream of the crop and always has our kiddos top of mind. We love their options for working parents and kids aged infant through kindergarten. 

  3. Get help staying fit

    Dropping into in-person classes or making our way to the gym is a lot more difficult as an entrepreneur, so we love virtual options that allow us to work out in the odd moments that we have available from wherever we happen to be. GRIND Columbus offers many virtual workouts that we can do from anywhere and many that are bodyweight only. 

  4. Get help disconnecting

    The Beauty Boost is an excellent way to take much-needed breaks from your business. They offer experiential events to disconnect from work and connect with others and yourself. Events focus on health and wellness. You can join an event one evening or weekend like a Taste of Fitness or Women Wonderland Panel. Take it a step farther and join in on a day retreat. Need more time? Look no further than their weekend retreats.

  5. Get help maintaining a good posture

    Dr. Jacob Coffman of Optimize Chiropractic has a flexible schedule to help you train your body to maintain a good posture. Anyone that works on a laptop all day could use more of that and fewer headaches, aches, and pains. Make some time to get on his schedule.

  6. Get help with those odds and ends

    If you feel as though you sometimes run out of time to tackle some household chores, buy groceries, walk the dog, or run errands, check out Columbus Personal Assistants. Delegate those tasks so you can get precious time back in your days.


Each of these life hacks will free you up to focus on your business and clients. They will also improve your overall health and wellness. Think of all the benefits: more energy, increased brain function, less likely to get sick, and improved sleep (since less stress is in your future).

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