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Kenya Mays: Empowering Women and Transforming Lives

Kenya Mays is THE mastermind behind Kenya Mays Consulting, an operations firm that pushes women in business to reach their full potential. Kenya helps entrepreneurs structure businesses for efficiency and growth by helping improve processes and procedures, or anything a business owner needs to help get their business off the ground and profitable.

“If you’re a new business and not really sure what direction to go, I’ll help you with a brain dump, give you a profit plan, and a way for you to make money,” explained Kenya.

Kenya got started with her current entrepreneurial adventure by helping people repair their personal credit. While helping clients, she realized that what lead many of them to needing their credit repaired was a desire to start businesses of their own. In talking to her clients, the path to get started wasn’t always very clear and Kenya began helping them beyond the personal credit; far beyond. Kenya was helping her clients establish businesses and build business credit. She realized through all of this that her natural talent was a perfect fit for this new career and now she’s rewarded daily by the experience.

As a self-described serial entrepreneur, Kenya relies on her experience, spirit, and confidence to help clients. She’s learned over the years a skill set that’s now “second nature”.

In the beginning it wasn’t always easy to create a balance between her work and home life, “Initially it was hard to balance, but I set my times now.” She has three kids ages 15, 12, and 6. The schedule that Kenya has set up to successfully manage both is now:

  • 9am-2pm, Kenya is at Haven Collective, working in the office, purely focused on work

  • 2pm-6pm, she’s picking up the kids and she’s in family mode. No work, no phone.

  • 6pm-8:30pm, she’s focused on dinner and getting the kids off to bed.

  • 9pm-10:30pm, that’s her time with her husband, entirely focused on connection.

  • 10:30pm-12am, sometimes it’s back to work so she can make sure her next day is clearly defined.

  • Saturdays, Kenya uses to prepare for a successful week ahead.

  • Sundays, she’s completely devoted to a rest day with family.

Kenya shares her time management skills with her clients too, because she knows how difficult it can be to get into a rhythm when you’re just getting started.

The owner of Kenya’s previous office knew about Haven Collective,  and he recommended the space to Kenya. Kenya shared, “I came to Haven that day and I looked and knew I was ready. I absolutely love it. The great part about it is it is a bunch of women who are empowered and willing to help. It’s like a sisterhood.” Not only is Haven Collective the perfect place for Kenya to work, but it extends to provide friendships and bonds. Everyone is always willing to help each other, and everyone is in it together.

Kenya loves having a private office to come to so she can get in the zone and focus 100% of her energy and attention on helping her clients without the distractions that working from home can bring. The routine she’s created is what she relies on to show up for herself and her clients every day.

Knowing what you need to be successful is often the hardest first step, which is why clients come to hire Kenya in the first place. She knows the steps that it takes to get going in the right direction and she wants clients to know them too.

To learn more about Kenya Mays or to work with her, visit Kenya Mays Consulting.

Written by: Olivia Eisen

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